Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remember that 101 List?

Back in May 2009, I made a 101 things to do in 1,001 days list.  I’ve been able to knock off a good many things on that list, however, it unfortunately is not complete.  Out of the 101 things on the list, I was able to complete 72 of them.  Not too bad considering that some of the items I put on my list required travel and a significant portion of money and time off work (I wasn’t thinking about that factor when I made the list).  Once I got pregnant, my 101 list got put on the backburner a bit and it became difficult to mark items off when we were preparing to have a baby. However, the things that I didn’t complete on the list are all still things I want to complete (with exception to a few which I removed), therefore I plan to roll them onto a new 101 list and add more realistic things as well.  My original 101 list doesn’t technically expire until February 15, 2012 but given that this date is only a mere 3 weeks away and I can barely leave the house with a one month old, I doubt I’ll be marking anything off that list in the next 21 days.  Therefore, I will go ahead and begin my new list.  This list will have all the items I didn’t complete from the old list (minus the ones I’m not interested in anymore) as well as new items, many of which may be baby related.  And this list expires on October 22, 2014.  Without further ado, here is my 101 List - Part Two (items marked with an * are rolled from the previous list):

  1. Win Bingo at work*
  2. Go to the Grand Canyon*
  3. Do a half-marathon*
  4. Go to Canada*
  5. Watch Fireproof with Justin*
  6. Go to Niagara Falls*
  7. Have 20 highpoints under my belt* (This used to be 30 on the old list, but that was a little too ambitious even without a small child, so I had to lower it to 20)
  8. Get my wedding dress stored and out of my closet*
  9. Go on an Alaskan Cruise*
  10. Climb Mt. Washington to the summit*
  11. See a big horn sheep up close*
  12. Go to one church service at “The Basement”*
  13. Go parasailing*
  14. Serve breakfast to the homeless with the SMUMC ladies*
  15. Go to San Francisco*
  16. Climb Mt. Marcy in New York*
  17. Take a roadtrip to the West*
  18. Run the Vulcan Run again*
  19. Buy a frame for my masters degree and display it in my office*
  20. Start Carter in the Mother’s Day Out program at St. Mark UMC
  21. Go ice skating just for fun*
  22. Give blood*
  23. Introduce mountain climbing to someone who’s never done it*
  24. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park again*
  25. Obtain a door wreath for every holiday*
  26. Take a couples trip to Six Flags*
  27. Watch Justin complete a Tough Mudder Race
  28. Run the Race for the Cure and NOT break any bones
  29. Complete P90X again
  30. Lose pregnancy weight
  31. Watch Carter laugh on purpose (right now he only does it in his sleep)
  32. Watch Carter crawl for the first time
  33. Watch Carter walk for the first time
  34. Teach Carter to say “momma”
  35. Watch all previous episodes of The Big Bang Theory and get caught up to now
  36. Get all thank you notes for Carter’s gifts written and sent out
  37. Move Carter to sleeping all daytime naps in his room upstairs
  38. Move Carter to sleeping nights in his room upstairs
  39. Celebrate 5 years of marriage with Justin
  40. Send out Carter’s birth announcements
  41. Have Lindsey take Carter’s newborn pictures
  42. Have Carter’s 6 month pictures taken
  43. Have Carter’s 1 year pictures taken
  44. Start Carter on solid foods
  45. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  46. Attempt to breastfeed for 6 full months
  47. Take Carter to the zoo
  48. Take Carter to an aquarium
  49. Take Carter to the McWane Center
  50. Get a new car
  51. Pay off Justin’s Jeep
  52. Sell our old house
  53. Go to Gatlinburg again
  54. Cook a meal that I haven’t cooked before
  55. Meet Harper Benjamin Lobdell in May 2012
  56. Attend one of my best friends, Ashley Matherson’s, wedding to the guy I hooked her up with
  57. Cut my hair off
  58. Replace the empty frames in Carter’s room with his newborn photos
  59. Throw Carter a very memorable 1st birthday party
  60. Throw Carter an even more memorable 2nd birthday party
  61. NOT have another kid…and actually stick to it this time (not that we’ll never have another, just that we don’t want to have one within 1,001 days from now)
  62. Complete Carter’s baby book, pictures and all
  63. Give up Mexican food for lent this year
  64. Get a rather well deserved post-baby massage
  65. Re-vamp my blog’s look since we’re a family of three now
  66. Enroll Carter in Mother’s Day Out at our church
  67. Go to a Zumba class at the Hoover YMCA
  68. Celebrate Justin’s 30th Birthday
  69. Buy Justin a gift he’s not expecting for his 30th birthday
  70. Celebrate my 30th Birthday
  71. Get a canvas of one of our wedding photos to hang in our house
  72. Get a full 8 hours of sleep again!!!
  73. Take Carter to meet my grandparents in Moundville, AL
  74. Take Carter to church with us
  75. Put Carter in the nursery at church when he’s a little older
  76. Get Carter’s immunizations…and hopefully NOT cry
  77. Break down and finally get an I-Phone
  78. Have Carter’s pictures made with Santa
  79. Go to an Alabama Football game
  80. Get an I-Pad
  81. Go on a date with my husband, like a NICE one
  82. Visit my friends Lillian and Craig in Nashville and meet their new baby girl Maggie
  83. While in Nashville doing number 73, go to a church service at my old church, Cross Point to hear Pete speak
  84. Go horseback riding at Oak Mountain
  85. Watch the world NOT end on 12/21/12
  86. Go to the circus
  87. Read 30 of the 66 books of the Bible
  88. Get Carter baptized
  89. Go to the gym 5 days in one week
  90. Take a day to clean my entire house top to bottom
  91. Introduce Carter to my best friend of over 17 years, Lauren Kelly (she lives in Seattle, WA)
  92. Introduce Carter to me and Justin’s really good friends, Bonnie and Andrew Hill (they live in Houston, TX)
  93. Write another letter to our sponsored child in Russia and send more pictures
  94. Go back to work from maternity leave and NOT cry all day
  95. Make a photobook for my mom of pictures of Carter for Mother’s Day
  96. Get our garage cleaned up and looking normal
  97. Go off-roading with Justin in his Jeep
  98. Go camping again
  99. Vote for President
  100. Go to a shooting range
  101. Get a safe to store our important documents in our house


Laura Sue said...

i'm catching up on blogs! i love these revisions! one of my favorites "watch the world NOT end" :)

stephanie said...

you. are. doing. AMAZING. :)