Wednesday, May 20, 2009

101 in 1001

So my photographer, Amelia Strauss, had a blog a long time ago that I was incredibly interested in and I wanted to do. I started it a while ago but since I had some downtime at work today, I finished it! It's called "101 in 1001". It's a list of 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. This timeline gives me until about February 15, 2012, give or take a couple of days. Some of these things I've even already done so I can mark them off the list. As I do them I'll make a blog post about them and hopefully the whole list will be completed by the 1001st day! Without any further ado, here is my 101 in 1001 (in no particular order):

  1. Go on a mission trip

  2. Get a passport

  3. Buy a new home

  4. Get married

  5. Buy a jeep wrangler

  6. Win bingo at work

  7. Go on a Mediterranean Cruise for an anniversary or other special event

  8. Go to the Grand Canyon

  9. Get promoted to supervisor at work

  10. Do a half-marathon

  11. Go to New York City again

  12. Go whitewater rafting

  13. Go to Canada

  14. Watch Fireproof with Justin

  15. Join a bible study

  16. Get new countertops for the kitchen

  17. Visit Lauren in Seattle

  18. Go to Niagara Falls

  19. Go scuba diving somewhere exotic

  20. Go through my clothes and give a ton of stuff to goodwill

  21. Have 30 highpoints under my belt

  22. Go to sips-n-strokes

  23. Get frames for my CPA license and actually hang them up

  24. Learn more about gardening and plant flowers in our yard

  25. Pay off my car

  26. Get off myspace since I only get on it to play games when I'm bored

  27. Cook Justin a meal every night of the week

  28. Finish P90X, the FULL 90 days

  29. Get my wedding dress stored and out of my closet

  30. Go to Vegas

  31. Make a scrapbook

  32. Read a fiction book

  33. Update my photo albums on facebook to delete the older ones

  34. Do a "Top Five" blog

  35. Go camping in Cades Cove again

  36. Take an Alaskan cruise

  37. Go on a cruise in the Caribbean region

  38. Climb Mt. Washington to the summit

  39. Wear full blown makeup to work for an entire week

  40. See a big horn sheep up close

  41. Have Anderson spend the night with Auntie M and Uncle Justin

  42. Attend one church service at The Basement in Birmingham

  43. Start helping clean up dog poop in the backyard instead of making Justin do it all the time

  44. Go para sailing

  45. Serve breakfast to the homeless with the SMUMC ladies

  46. Buy a new coffee table and end tables for the living room

  47. Grow my hair out then chop it all off

  48. Climb Kilimanjaro and do an African Safari

  49. Take Anderson to the McWane Center just the two of us

  50. Get my name changed on all important documents

  51. Take a girls trip to Six Flags

  52. Get all our wedding gifts set up and put them to use

  53. Finish sending thank you notes for showers/wedding gifts

  54. Cut the grass for Justin, even if its only once

  55. Go to San Francisco

  56. Climb Mt. Marcy in New York

  57. Take a roadtrip to the West


  59. Run the Vulcan Run again

  60. Go horseback riding

  61. Join Twitter

  62. Get a professional massage

  63. Buy a frame for my Master's Degree and display it in my office

  64. Replace all the appliances in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances

  65. Buy more tropical fish for our tank

  66. Host a party at my house for something

  67. Get another devotional and keep up with it

  68. Go kayaking

  69. Buy a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one for Christmas

  70. Go to a Hoover High School football game just for kicks

  71. Help our church in some disaster relief effort

  72. Take a roadtrip

  73. Go tubing down the Cahaba River with our friends again

  74. Get a new dining room table

  75. Go to Justin's high school reunion

  76. Go to my high school reunion

  77. Go ice skating just for fun

  78. Give blood

  79. Clean out the third bedroom

  80. Help build another house for Habitat for Humanity

  81. Help host a baby shower for someone

  82. Introduce mountain climbing/hiking to someone who's never done it

  83. Buy cool new frames for my engagement pictures

  84. Go to Rocky Mountain National Park again

  85. Get a pedicure (I have only done this once in my entire life)

  86. Obtain all items on our gear list for the Africa trip

  87. Go riding with Justin on the mountain bikes somewhere fun

  88. Go to a movie at a drive-in theater

  89. Go zip lining

  90. Buy a new pair of sunglasses. Nice ones that I have incentive to not lose

  91. Read one of Nicholas Sparks' love stories

  92. Obtain a door wreath for every major holiday

  93. Get hardwood floors in the living room

  94. Surprise someone by giving them a gift that they're not expecting

  95. Watch one episode of The Bachelorette

  96. Try a glass of wine

  97. Take a couples trip to Six Flags

  98. See every episode of Andy Griffith

  99. Buy a new camera, one with a BIG lens for awesome pic taking

  100. Go snorkeling

  101. Take Anderson to the Atlanta aquarium (he LOVES fish)


Lillian said...

This is an awesome idea, though the mere thought of making one for myself makes me panic. Where to begin?! But for you, #51 - check!

Samantha said...

I LOVE this! It's an old post, but it's linked up to a new post and I love the idea. I may have to borrow this (and maybe some of the list items-they're very thoughtful!)Thanks for checking out my blog, I've had fun writing it and am glad to know somebody's reading it. :) Definitely adding you to my blog list!

Brenna Ball said...

I loved your 101 list so much that I decided to do my own. I've been following your blog for a little while, and I just love it. I found it through Judd and Abby Langham's blog. They're my future brother and sister-in-law.

Your wedding was beautiful! I got some great ideas from your wedding for my own. We're also having our wedding in a warehouse type setting. Can't wait to keep reading!

Good luck on your list!

Honey B. said...

I love your 101 List!! Definitely an awesome idea, I might have to do one after we get the Baby Bucket List done! I love lists... :-)

chocoholic said...

Good luck with your list! You inspired me to make my own.

Amy said...

This is AWESOME! I am definitely going to do this! How inspirational. I love that some things on the list are big, some are small. I found your blog on Follow Me Forward Tuesday on Little Yayas. Loving this and finding all of these fun blogs! Now following you!