Monday, January 14, 2013

iPhone Dump

This week is our first week of increased hours.  It’s a 45 hour week for us CPA’s!  Which really isn’t a big deal to me at all.  All that means is that I work through lunch and work 8-5 Monday through Friday, which I kind of did already anyway.  Next week we’ll be up to 50 hour weeks which will be slightly more difficult.  Luckily I can arrange it however I want.  If I want to come in on Saturday to get some of those hours so that I don’t have to stay late during the week, I can, but more than likely, I’ll work late a night or two and utilize working from home some as well.  The two weeks after that week are 55 hour weeks and the remainder are 60 hours weeks until April 17th.  Luckily for me, I don’t have to go above 50 since I’m part time.

Moving on to more interesting things….


This little guy is LOVING the racecar shopping carts at Publix.  He smiles and laughs the whole time I’m at the store and I’ve gotten comments on his absolute cuteness while playing in the cart both times I’ve been to the store and used it.

Like I mentioned in Carter’s 12 month post, we were still working on the transition to the sippy cup from the bottle and were having a hard time with it.  I came to work one day and when I called Justin he said he was done with bottles and that he was going to wean Carter that day.  My initial thought was “man I’m glad I’m at work and he’s dealing with that!”.  HUGE props to daddy because after just a couple of days of refusing to give Carter a bottle, Carter is now solely on sippy cups.  We went from this:


To this:


He also has a new favorite toy.  One of my co-workers got him this farm knob puzzle for his birthday and he LOVES it.  Not gonna lie, mommy doesn’t love it.  For two reasons:  1)  Those little puzzle pieces end up ALL OVER my house and we somehow managed to lose the sheep at the Lobdell’s house, and 2)  Carter likes to flip it upside down to get all the pieces out of the big board puzzle and then he walks around the house with it.  I know it’s hard to see, but this is made of wood.  So she ain’t light!  It makes mommy nervous when he walks around the house with it because I’m afraid he’s going to drop it on his toes!  See video:

On a more positive note with the puzzle, I frequently sit down with him and go over all the puzzle pieces.  I say things like “this is the farmer, this is the goat, this is a horse, etc”.  After I took the above video, I asked Carter again (because I asked him once in this video) “Carter, where’s the farmer?”.  He was next to me by the couch and he walked over to the entertainment center across the room and picked up the farmer and walked back over to me.  HE UNDERSTANDS!!!


“I love my puzzle mommy!”  You may notice the tie on the onesie.  A girl in my Sunday School class has picked up a monogramming hobby so I let her make Carter several onesies and this was one of them.  He wore it to church last weekend and was his first tie :)

Feeding with adult food is going ok.  He’s gotten to where it’s easy to feed him non-pureed breakfast.  He likes yogurt, waffles, oatmeal and bananas.  Still working with lunch time and dinner time foods though.  He has eaten grilled chicken and ham before, but still sometimes refuses them.  He does like grilled cheese.  He’s eaten pieces of a sandwich before but he had to warm up to it first.  It’s still a process needless to say.  Doc said we could still feed pureed foods as long as we wanted as long as we’re trying to transition to adult food, which is what we’re doing.  Obviously I can’t let him starve so when he won’t eat adult food, pureed veggies it is! 

He tried string cheese a long time ago and didn’t like it, but Justin sent me this picture a couple of days ago of him eating shredded cheese (to the left).  To the right his him eating a banana that Justin is holding.  We do usually cut the banana up for him, but he also likes to eat it like a big boy sometimes.


Last weekend, daddy met up with some of his Jeep buddies to see if they could help him put something on his Jeep.  I should know what it was, but Justin has had so much done to that car that I can’t remember the names of things.  Anyway, it was an all day process, so I decided to take Boo Boo to the Zoo since it was 70+ degrees outside.


To the left is Carter enjoying watching the hogs and to the right is us on the train.  The last time I took him to the zoo, he was only eight months old and I don’t even think he could really see any of the animals yet.  What a difference a few months can make.  He was loving watching the animals.  The giraffes in particular.  We were able to be very close to one and it was eating off one of the trees and Carter was laughing hysterically at it.  You’ll have to excuse my hot-mess of a hairdo in the picture above.  Maybe it’s not just me, but in the past couple of months, I’ve been noticing some very short fly-aways all over my hair.  I’ve never had this problem in my life!  When I went to my hair stylist to get color done, she told me that it’s because my hair is re-growing from when it fell out after I had Carter.  One of the unfortunate things after having a baby, other than the sleep deprivation that is, is that your hair falls out.  I read about this, but man, it definitely happened to me.  I by no means went bald, but my hair was EXTREMELY thin.  I could definitely tell a difference.  Now it’s just trying to grow back which means there are baby hairs all over the place.  UGH.

Also, this week we are turning in our enrollment form for Carter to take the next class up at Mother’s Day Out.  In the fall, he’ll be in the toddler class.  It hurts my heart to hear that.  I feel like I just had him still.  And he’s a toddler?!?!?!  Number one disadvantage of being a working mom - time FLIES.  Before I know it, Carter will be 16.  And driving.  Lord help us all.

So that’s what has been going on with us!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! Carter is precious, as always.

We're working on the sippy cup thing now. She did great on Saturday and Sunday and has boycotted them today. She wouldn't take her morning cup and then the daycare just called me to tell me she hasn't had any milk all day. I feel so defeated b/c I thought she was doing so good!

Candace said...

Same here with the fly aways and weird hairs around the face! My hair is naturally curly, so they REALLY stick out because I can't get them with my flat iron!! Carter is too cute. I know how you feel about the daycare... Hudson just moved up to the next room. Where are our baby boys??

palmtreemama said...

Love all the new photos of Carter!! He is looking more and more like a little boy... and always so happy! :) I can't be of any help with the introducing of adult foods because after starting with BLW, Alidia has actually had adult foods for a while but now seems to... hate everything!!! Baby food, adult food... all of it. Ugg.. so tough. If Carter still enjoys purees and a few adult foods, sounds fine to me!! :) Ahh.. toddler room!

Melissa said...

Bummer on busy season! I dread it and I don't have an adorable baby to come home to! I'm sure it will go better than planned though! I look forward to hearing how your experience is, since I'll be there myself when we have kids!

Chelley N said...

It seems like for the first several years it's just one transition after another. Great job on weaning him from the bottle! That's not an easy task. He is precious!

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

I also meant to say that I feel you on the hair thing. Mine is out of control. My hair dresser told me it takes about 2 years to even out...right about the time we want to try for Baby #2. Sigh.

Ashley Paige said...

I just stumbled on your blog from my SIL's (Our Love Nest!) I saw that you have a little Carter and so do I! Only mine is 30 months old! Gah, that just takes my breath away sometimes! Anyways, I'm excited to find another "mom blog" to read! Have a great week!