Friday, December 28, 2012

#51 and #100 - CHECK!

Number 51 on my 101 list was to pay off Justin’s jeep.  HUGE item to check off and a HUGE debt gone!  We paid off the remainder of his Jeep today.  If I still had my Acura, both of our cars would be paid off.  So we still have my Jeep to pay off but the goal is to have that paid off by the beginning of 2014.  No picture to go along with that one, sorry!

The more interesting one is number 100!  It was to go to a shooting range.  Justin and I finally went to Hoover Tactical Firearms yesterday to try out some guns.  Justin’s shot a gun before, but it was a long time ago.  I on the other hand have never even touched a gun.  People can say what they want about gun control and what happened in Newtown, CT, but I can tell you what it did for me.  It made me realize that my husband is gone all the time for work and it is frequently just me and Carter in this house.  If someone broke in I would have to defend my son be deadly force if necessary and right now, I don’t think a baseball bat would do the trick.  I told Justin I wanted to buy a gun for our house so that I would feel better.

Naturally, we had to know what kind of gun to buy, so we went to the shooting range to try some out.  We rented the Glock 19, 9mm handgun to try in the shooting range.  We got 10 rounds a piece.  Justin shot about 5 rounds before letting me take my turn.  I shot maybe 3 rounds and was officially terrified and told him I didn’t want to shoot anymore.  He shot a few more rounds but convinced me to give it a second try and then I shot what was left of our 20 bullets.  I was still terrified, but I was starting to feel more comfortable.


Us shooting the gun!


I hit the target all 10 times.  And that shot to the head and the two in the neck were mine too :)  Justin aimed for the heart (this picture was before we finished all 20 rounds).

We had to leave to go run errands because my mom had Carter and we were going to pick him up once he woke up from his nap so we only had so much time.  Well we ran our errands and my mom still hadn’t called yet so we decided to go back to the range to try a different gun.  This time we tried the Glock 34.  Still a 9mm, but the handle on the 34 is longer which allowed you to get a better grip.  This helped with the recoil (the kick).  I really liked it that time.  So we’re about to go buy one.  Not sure what exact gun we’ll get, but it will be a 9mm with a longer handle.  We also plan to get a gun safe (I would die if Carter ever got to our gun).  The one we intend to get only allows access through fingerprint of either me or Justin. 

I intend to go to the shooting range a couple of times a month to get in some practice to become more comfortable with shooting.  Like I said, I will absolutely defend my child with deadly force.  If you break into my house, you WILL get welcomed with my 9mm.  Just a head’s up :)


Joy said...

YAY!! The Mr and I love doing this! He has been to the one here in Hoover, but I haven't yet. We have one in Meridian, and of course we have acres and acres in Mississippi so we do a lot of practicing there! And I do have my own pistol. =) However, it stays locked up in our safe. HA!

Jamie said...
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stephanie said...

oh my gosh, you are just DESTROYING your list. i love it. makes me realize i gotta get crackin on mine ;)

staceyheath13 said...

Personally I'd suggest a shotgun... easier to handle, larger margin of error, and makes a louder noise. I'm happy to let you try ours out whenever you'd like :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Excited to see you getting more things crossed off your list. And that is so awesome about getting the debt paid off. I've never shot a gun but it looks like you had fun!!