Saturday, December 15, 2012

#59 - CHECK!

Number 59 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to throw Carter a very memorable 1st birthday party.  Carter’s actual birthday isn’t until December 28th, but with that being so close to Christmas , we decided to move his party up a couple of weeks.  As I’ve mentioned before, Carter’s birthday party was a “Winter ONEderland” theme since he was born in the winter.  We decorated the place with all things penguins and polar bears and everything was red, blue, white and black.  Even Carter’s smash cake was a cake in the shape of an igloo.  One of my friends from high school took pictures at his party and it will be a couple of weeks before the pictures are ready so until then, you’ll have to make do with the pictures I took on instagram:


Cookies on the left and Carter’s igloo smash cake on the right.


The main guest cake on the left and Carter’s monthly photos on the right.  I made that frame display all on my own!!  I’m so proud :)  I’ve never done anything crafty before so this was my first time.  The blank wood frame came from Hobby Lobby as well as the close pins.  I spray painted all of that blue and used ribbon and red card stock for the actual pictures.  I think it turned out pretty good!  Both cakes were made by my friend Jackie Marchant.  She owns her own cake making business, Cakes by Jacqueline.  Check her out!


Banner and cupcake toppers as well as the invitations that are in two frames on this table are from a shop on Etsy (I just searched for Winter ONEderland parties).  Those white igloo blocks I also did on my own.  I bought glass “krafty blocs” from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them white and stacked them like an igloo.  I made the cupcakes on my own the morning of the party.  The cookies came from a bakery in Homewood called Icing on the Cookie.


Playing on the television in the living room for the duration of the party was the birth slideshow that my sister made of Carter the day he was born.  To see that slideshow, go here.


And here is my sweet boy playing with his cake.  It’s kind of funny, as you’ll see in the below video, he wouldn’t really play with the cake.  Justin and his mom were quick to tell me why he wasn’t banging into the cake.  It’s because I taught him not to bang his hands on the table while he was in his highchair.  I guess there’s pros and cons to everything ;)  Oh and one more thing, I also got Carter’s shirt (which was a white long sleeve onesie with a blue “1” and a penguin on it) from Etsy as well.

Naturally I took some videos.  The first one is just a quick sweep of the house to see all the decorations:

And then my sweet friend Ashley took a video of Carter digging into his cake (this video is 10 minutes long so I know most of you won’t watch all of it, but I’m glad she recorded as long as she did.  The more memories the better!).

I wasn’t originally planning to open the presents at the party, but we did the cake thing around 2 and everyone was just hanging around since the party didn’t technically end until 3 so we decided to open presents.  Carina took the video on this one and unfortunately the card ended up being full about halfway through opening presents so the camera turned off automatically.  Boo.  I really thought Carter would come play with the toys as I opened them, but he seemed extremely content with his shoe and remote ;)

I’ll post the photos that Volree took when I get them back from her.  I know they’re going to be incredible!


palmtreemama said...

Wow, it certainly looks as if you threw Cater a very memorable birthday party!!! I love all of the decorations and the amazing cakes and cookies. It looks just perfect and I am sure Carter had a blast having this special day all for him!!! :) Happy early birthday Carter!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

That is absolutely amazing. Love it.

Sarah said...

Love this theme and all the decor Marcie! Great job!

Jenny Strickland said...

Such a cute theme! Happy Birthday Carter!!! I can't believe he is a year!!! That picture of him eating his cake is so cute!!!

April said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE idea!!! Love it!