Saturday, June 2, 2012

#50 and #52 - BIG Checks!

Number 52 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to sell our old house.  We closed on the house on Friday afternoon.  Y’all…this is HUGE for us.  Our old house has been on the market just over a year and even though it was a great house with an incredible backyard, it was in a HORRIBLE school district, which limited the buyers that would be interested.  Not to mention that starting in 2012, we began paying both house payments every month.   This was horrible on our checking account, that’s for sure!! 

Number 50 on my list was to buy a new car.  I was waiting until we sold the old house to do this.  I really needed an SUV with Carter.  Bending over to lift his carseat out of my Acura was really just straight up painful sometimes.  It was nothing when he was a newborn, but now he’s over 15 pounds and it’s just not that easy to bend over and get him all buckled in and to get him out with the car seat.  I was looking into two cars, the Acadia and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  My sister and so many of my neighbors have an Acadia and love it.  But a ton of my friends have told me to look into the new Grand Cherokee’s as well.  So after some thought, Justin and I decided to go with the Grand Cherokee.  Mainly due to price.  For the price it cost us to get a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 24,000 miles, we could have only gotten a 2008 Acadia with 60-90k miles on it.  I wanted something I would keep for a really really long time, so I decided less miles is better.  Here’s my beauty:


I was very hesitant to get this Jeep because I didn’t know how I felt about the shade of the tan leather.  It was much darker than the tan leather I had in my Acura.  But I actually really like it.


Cool backseat feature….all of the backseat reclines just like the front seats do.  Score!!


Lots of trunk space for strollers and groceries and such!