Saturday, August 18, 2012

#14 and Lydia’s Birthday Party

I have finally completed number 14 of my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days.  It was an item from the old list that was created back in 2009 so I’m glad to have finally  marked it off…plus it was something I was REALLY wanting to do! 

Number 14 was to help serve breakfast to the homeless with some of the women of my church.  Numerous women and men from our church go downtown to serve food to the homeless every Friday.  My mother-in-law (who I swear is Mother Teresa reincarnated) goes almost every Friday and I decided to go with her yesterday.  There was over 100 men and women that were served that day and I was baffled at how positive so many of them were.  These people have next to nothing and yet had such a great attitude! 

I met one woman that Debbie knew really well and when Debbie introduced me to her she said “Oh you’re Carter’s momma!”.  Apparently Debbie talks about Carter a lot ;)  What really got me was that Debbie later told me that this woman actually came to our church to witness Carter’s baptism.  I had no idea!!!  It kind of made me tear up a bit.  So sweet of her to do that!

On to Lydia’s birthday party….

Lydia turned 4 years old on July 25th.  The past two years, she has shared a birthday party with this sweet little girl named Libba.  Can we just talk about how much I LOVE the name Libba (short for Elizabeth)!?!?!  Anyway, it was an all girls party and was at All Fired Up in Tuscaloosa.  They make their own pottery.  Such a cute idea for kids.  Here’s some pictures:


Me and my sweet little niece.  She’s 4 years old now.  Such a big girl!!


My mom and Lydia


My nephew, Anderson, picking out the colors for him to paint his pottery.


Naturally, this sweet princess chose a wand.


Anderson, also in true form, chose a lizard.


LOVE their cake!!


Princesses on their throne!


After the party my mom and I went back to Lindsey and Jeff’s house.  They moved recently and I’ve been so busy with Carter and work that I hadn’t seen it yet, so it was past time for me to go see it.  While we were there, we watched sweet girl open her birthday presents and then we had to drive back to Birmingham so I could see my own little boy for a bit before we laid him down for his second nap. 

I didn’t take Carter because I didn’t want to worry about putting him down for a nap since his nap time was right in the middle of the party, so he stayed home with daddy.  If you live in Birmingham, you probably heard the INSANE thunder this morning.  Carter slept through the whole thing.  It hit our house so hard that the walls shook and one of our pictures hanging on the walls fell off.  He’s always slept through thunderstorms but I think he was even more tired than normal because he didn’t go to bed last night until 8:45 and he’s usually down for the night by 7:30pm.  I had to wake him up at 8:45 this morning so that I could at least see him before I left to head to Tuscaloosa.  When I went into his room, he didn’t budge.  Usually the door opening tends to wake him up, but he didn’t move a muscle.  I went back downstairs and got my camera and got several pictures of him, flash on, before he finally woke up.


Sweet sweet baby :)

I’m really starting to think he’s teething.  Carter never showed any signs of teething (other than some slight fussiness at night) with the first two teeth he got so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.  In the past two weeks he has all of sudden started sucking his thumb again, he’s drooling like crazy, getting much fussier much faster than usual and he’s sleeping WAY more.  For example, we put him down for his second nap today at 3:45pm and at that point, he’d only been awake for 4 1/2 hours today.  All the signs point to teething so maybe he is.  I have no idea.  Just in case he is, we’ve been using orajel but only during his fussiest times when he is sucking on his hands really badly.  We’re also giving him Tylenol.  I hope he feels better soon.  He starts Mother’s Day Out next week!!


Allison said...

Sounds like teething to me! Noah used to get really fussy and would drool a lot and chew on his fingers when he was about to get a new tooth.

I love the girls' dresses by the way! So cute!