Saturday, December 15, 2012

#78 - CHECK!

Number 78 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to introduce Carter to Santa and have his picture made.  Our church, St. Mark United Methodist, welcomes Santa every year and always has some fun side activities for the kids.  They could make elf hats (obviously Carter was too young for this) and they served hot cocoa and candy canes!  The cool part was there there was a small train that had a conductor and everything that took kids for rides around the parking lot.  Carter was LOVING the train.  I wish I could have said the same thing about Santa. 

Unfortunately, Carter was much like most one year olds when he met Santa.  Justin recorded the encounter on video:

As you can see, Carter was NOT loving Santa.  Maybe next year :)

Here’s a couple of pictures I was able to take.  The video above was Carter’s first time to try to get a picture of Santa.  When that didn’t pan out like we wanted, we decided we needed a bribe to be able to get a somewhat decent picture.  Enter puffs and candy canes.


After a semi-successful experience with Santa during round 2, we took him to ride the train in the parking lot.  He was loving that!


We love daddy :)



Anonymous said...

lol, I don't blame him for being afraid of Santa at first... but you got some cute ones of him once the candy cane bribe was given! ;) He looks so happy on the train too. How fun!! No Santa here so Alidia won't be getting a photo with him this year but maybe someday in future if we go away for Christmas.