Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#60 - Carter’s 2nd Birthday Party

Number 60 on my 101 List was to throw and even more memorable birthday party for Carter this year than we did last year.  I loved Carter’s party last year, but let’s be honest.  He will never remember it (he won’t really remember this one either though) because 12 months old is just so young, but at 2 years old….it was FUN watching Carter play at his party this year.  We had a bouncy house that he was obsessed with and Justin crawled in there with him most of the time.  He had so much fun!!!

This year, well last year technically, Carter’s birthday fell on the actual day of his birthday party.  December 28th was the day he came into the world and it was the day we celebrated him turning 2!!!  Carter loves….I mean LOVES the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  So I made his birthday party theme all about Cookie Monster.  I even ordered me a Cookie Monster shirt to wear during the party!


How cute is his shirt?!?!  Got it off Etsy…so perfect for the occasion!


Edgar’s Bakery did his cake.  LOVED it!


Just a few of my favorite girls!


We had the party in the gym at our church.  We rented a bouncy house and it was a total hit!


Sesame Street goody bags for the kiddos!


Probably should have put the cookies where he couldn’t reach them!


How sweet are they?!?!  This is Hilly (short for Hilary).  She’s the daughter of a girl I used to work with.  Both are beautiful blonde hair blue eyed babies!


IMGP9910IMG_4258 IMG_4259           IMGP9901  photo 1 photo 2

It was a great day and we are so grateful for friends and family that love Carter as much as they do and showered him with gifts.


Fiona said...

Wow!! What an awesome looking birthday party! It sounds like the perfect day for a two year old :) And a bouncy house?! How fun!!

Chelley N said...

VERY cute party! I love throwing bday parties for my kids.

Chelley N said...

PS - you look SO skinny/awesome in these photos! Hot Mama!