Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carter - One Month


Carter at Month 1
  • His next appointment at the pediatrician isn’t until February 14th, so I’m not 100% sure on weight or height, but if I had to guess on weight, I’d say he’s over 9 pounds now.  For height, I think he’s about 23 inches or more (his tummy time mat has a measurement stick on it).
  • He’s eating 7 times a day, most of which is breastfeeding from me.  Usually only one feeding is from a bottle and it’s a breastmilk  bottle that daddy feeds at the middle of the night feeding.  The only time we really feed him formula is if we’re out and about.
  • During the day, he eats about every 3 hours, sometimes shorter, sometimes slightly longer.  At night he may go as long as 5 hours between feedings.  Usually, mommy does the 11:30pm feeding and then daddy does the 3:30/4am feeding.  This will change when daddy starts going out of town for work though…momma will be doing all feedings (a little nervous about that).
  • Literally, today, on his 1 month birthday, he smiled at me on purpose.  Justin did some research and told me the other day that the way to get a baby to smile is to smile at them all the time until they begin to mimic your facial expressions.  So I’ve been smiling at him all week and today, he smiled back at me.  It was quick and I couldn’t get him to do it again and wasn’t able to get a picture.  Boo.
  • He sleeps in a little basinet in his pack n’ play.  He was originally sleeping in a small co-sleeper that attaches to our bed, but after realizing how noisy of a sleeper he is, we kicked him to the living room.  His nighttime sleep and all naps with exception to one are in the pack n’ play.  His late afternoon nap is done in his crib upstairs.  We just started putting him in the crib this week and he doesn’t love it yet.  We’re hoping he warms up to it soon.
  • At the beginning of month 1, Carter was sleeping around 10-12 hours a day.  At the close of month one, he’s averaging from 13-14 hours a day.  Much better!!
  • He loves to sleep in his woombie
  • We just started watching Baby Einstein videos during waketime and he seems to like it a lot
  • When he hears my voice, he gets very quiet.  I definitely think he knows who I am and if he hears my voice, but can’t see me, he’ll be quiet and start looking around the room for me.  At least it appears that’s what he’s doing.
  • I wouldn’t say he likes bathtime, but he doesn’t hate it.  He doesn’t cry during his baths at all, but he doesn’t have a joyful look on his face either.   I think he’s just confused.
  • He hasn’t realized yet that Gizmo exists.  She’s licked him in the face several times but she does it so quickly that she’s gone before he notices anything..
  • He falls asleep pretty easily in the car, but he does it much quicker in Justin’s Jeep than in my Acura.  I think it’s because the Jeep is so much louder and vibrates more.  My Acura is pretty quiet.
  • He’s still wearing newborn diapers
  • He’s still wearing newborn clothes.  We’ve even tried on 0-3 months clothes and they’re too big.