Pregnancy with Carter

I didn't wake up on April 16, 2011 thinking that I would test positive on a pregnancy test (okay several tests), but I did. And my life, my priorities and my attitude changed forever after that. Even though we didn't officially announce our pregnancy until we were about 9 weeks along (I didn't feel comfortble announcing until we'd heard a heart beat) I kept blog posts unpublished by the week until we announced the good news. See my weekly updates here. I wanted to write it all down so that I could come back and look at it when my child was growing up and also when/if God blesses us with number 2. It will be helpful to see what I experienced in what week with number 1 while pregnant with number 2. I loved looking at other people's pregnancy posts and learning as much information as I could when we started trying so maybe someone will find mine helpful like I found so many others.

In 9 short very long months, we went from this:

 To this: