Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Big Fat Belly - 35 Weeks

I’m technically 36 weeks now but never did my 35 week post when I said I would after I had my first weekly appointment so I’ll start with 35 weeks and then later in the week I’ll post on how my 36 week appointment went.  So, at 35 weeks:

  • I’m not too miserable, but definitely getting there. 
  • I’ve found that when I sleep, my joints get VERY sore.  When I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I can barely close my hand around the door knob to the bathroom without it hurting my knuckles and wrist.  It feels like arthritis.  I get the same joint pain in my hips, shoulders and elbows when I sleep too. 
  • I don’t think Carter has dropped yet.  They say that when the baby drops, the pressure will be off my lungs so I will be able to breathe much better, but he’ll be on top of my bladder and my pee frequency will spike.  This hasn’t happened to me yet, so I’m assuming he hasn’t dropped.
  • Back pain is still an issue.  Now it’s upper and lower back pain though.  It was just upper back pain, but now the weight of my belly is getting the best of me.
  • I’ve gained 31 pounds now and am officially worried I may go over 35, but honestly, I don’t think I have control over it at this point.  I can barely eat because my stomach is being crushed by Carter so I get really full really fast and by day’s end, I haven’t eaten near what I used to eat.  So I’m not sure where the weight gain is coming from at this point.
  • I had my 35 week appointment last Wednesday and the doc checked me for the first time.  Unfortunately I’m zero centimeters dilated and 0% effaced.  He said this is what he expected at 35 weeks, although deep down, I was hoping to be at least somewhat dilated.  I know so many people that were 1cm or 2cm for weeks before their babies finally started to make their debut.  Given that I’m 36 weeks today (even though this post is for 35 weeks, I am 36 as I’m writing this) I hope that won’t be the case for me because I really wanted to have Carter before Christmas.  I know that some people aren’t dilated at all and it will all happen in one day and the baby will come quickly, so maybe that will happen to me.  Who knows.  On the bright side, blood pressure is good, iron levels are good, weight gain is good and the belly is measuring on track.
  • My 36 week appointment is tomorrow (November 30th).  My doc said he wasn’t going to check me because I wasn’t dilated at all at the 35 week appointment.  I’ll start getting checked again when I’m full term at 37 weeks.  In the meantime, I’ve picked back up on my nightly walking routine with Justin and the Giz in hopes of getting things moving down there.  I’ve read that walking and  hot baths help labor progress (the hot baths loosen ligaments apparently).  I now do both of those nightly if possible.
  • I have gotten yelled at by almost everyone I know because I have STILL not packed my hospital bag.  I promise I plan to do that this weekend.  We also still need to get our car seats installed in our cars.
  • Carter’s room is almost ready!  When Justin got back from his travel schedule for good, he was SO helpful.  While I was working, he opened and put together all of Carter’s things (the pack n’ play, the co-sleeper, the high chair, the strollers, etc).  So everything in his room is ready with exception to his letters that my sister is in the process of painting and the organic bloom frames that will hold his newborn photos.  So the walls look pretty bare, but everything else is ready.  I’ve even washed ALL of his newborn-3 months clothes so they are ready to wear!


This was taken at 35 1/2 weeks.  It’s starting to get cold in Birmingham so the sweaters are starting to come out, which is actually kind of unfortunate, because I feel like sweaters make me look even bigger than I already am.  Maybe it’s just me though.

That’s all for 35 weeks.  Check back later in the week for 36!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maternity Pictures

Back in October, my sister, Lindsey, came into town and Justin and I headed to the trails at Ross Bridge to take our maternity pictures.  I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time.  My sister is so fabulous....I'll just let the pictures below speak for themselves.  If you ever want to use Lindsey for any pictures, just let me know or go to her website for Lindsey Smith Photography

Next post...35 weeks!!!  My first weekly appointment where they check me for progression will be on Wednesday so I'll blog after that.  Well, it may be Thursday before I blog.  Justin and I are going to the farm to spend the day with two of my best friends and their family, which is kind of my second family because I've known them so long.  So excited for Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Shower #4….Sort Of.

We did have a fourth baby shower….sort of.  I guess you can count anything as a shower if it involves people coming over to one central location and providing gifts for the baby.  Justin’s buddies threw him a diaper shower last weekend while he was in town.  It was hosted by two of his really good friends, Trevor and Yarbrough.  All the guys came over to our house to watch the Auburn/Georgia game and brought diapers for Carter.  I wasn’t at the house, so it was an all guys day.  My breastfeeding class was that day at Saint Vincent’s satellite location on Hwy 119.  Justin was supposed to go with me but it was the only day they could do the diaper shower, so I had Tiffany go with me instead.  Not that Justin would have been helpful in any way for that class, I just really wanted someone to go with me so that I wasn’t by myself.  It was actually more beneficial and made more sense for Tiffany to be there with me instead of Justin since she has boobs too.

The class was supposed to be from 9am-12:30, but it was actually over early at 11:30, so we headed back to my house to pick up some items I’ve gotten duplicates of at my showers to take back to Buy Buy Baby.  I also had several gift cards that I got at my showers that I went ahead and used to purchase a few of the things that were still on my registry that I really wanted.  We got back to my house before the man shower was actually over so we just went upstairs in the nursery and unpacked/arranged some things.

We racked up on the diapers and wipes though!!!!  I really hope Carter stays in size 1’s for a while…


And while Trevor and Yarbrough were at Publix buying things for the shower, Yarbrough told Trevor “you know, we should get a cake.  Chicks have cakes at showers don’t they?”


Not like cakes chicks have, but I was still thoroughly impressed that they thought to get a cake.  And it was FRIGGIN DELICIOUS!!!

I had my 33 week appointment the day before this shower and it went well.  I saw one of the docs that I actually hadn’t seen yet, so as of now I’ve seen everyone except for one doctor and from what I understand from others, that doctor doesn’t do deliveries anymore.  So I think I’ve met everyone that would have a chance at delivering Carter.  I have my top 3 of course.  I’m hoping that one of those 3 will be around the day Carter comes.  I told the doc about my extreme headaches and dizziness that I was experiencing and she said that if it happens again to go home and lay in bed and take 2 extra strength Tylenol and if it doesn’t go away to call.  Luckily, I haven’t had it happen since Halloween.

I asked when I would be at the point where I wouldn’t be allowed to leave town.  She said that I can go anywhere in the continental US up until 37 weeks and then I need to stay put.  We were asking because Justin is doing a race in Georgia the first weekend of December and it’s right next to Calloway Gardens where they do a HUGE Christmas lights spectacular that I REALLY want to go to since he’s running right next to it.  However, that race is a mere 3 days before I turn 37 weeks.  I told Justin that I would schedule my 36 appointment for the Friday that we’d leave to head up there and see what my progression is like before making the decision to go or not.  Chances are, if I’m dilated at all I won’t go.  It just makes me nervous.  I still may not go, even if I’m not progressing yet, depending on how I’m feeling.  As of now I’m feeling TONS of cramps and Braxton hicks contractions that just make me uncomfortable so I may just stay at home in bed. 

My appointments are now weekly so my next one is next Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) at  10:15am.  This is when they will “check me” the first time.  I’m kind of nervous about it.  Mainly because I think what other people have been telling me is true and that I’m doing way too much and haven’t been resting enough.  I’m afraid that I may be too progressed for 35 weeks and that the doc will put me on limited or even full bed rest.  We’ll just see how it goes I guess.  Justin is on his last week of travels  this week and when he get home tomorrow, he’ll be home for good.  THANKFULLY.  I am about to utilize his services in opening all the gifts that are still in boxes and putting them together (things like the pack n play, co-sleeper, diaper holder, etc).  Hopefully we’ll be ready for this baby before he’s ready to be with us.  I’ll be full term in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!!  I am in such shock at that statement.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Shower #3

So baby shower number 3 happened on 11.10.11.  It was a shower thrown by 8 of my closest friends at work.  I have to start this by saying how truly blessed I am to have the job I have at the firm I work for.  Our shareholders allow wedding and baby showers that are usually really big showers!  It’s not just getting a gift here or a gift there….the firm will spend hundreds on your shower not to mention the 40+ people at work that usually chip in for your gifts.  We racked up at this shower and I am so grateful for my job and the shareholders I am working for.

I should preface this by saying that the 8 people that hosted my shower know me better than a lot of people and one of the things they have ALWAYS made fun of me for is the fact that I listen to Christmas music starting in September.  Seriously.  I will listen to it on my computer on pandora until it finally comes on 96.5 in November.  The day of my shower I was told not to go near the training room (where the showers are held).  When it was time for the shower to start, they came and got me and Justin from my office and wanted me to enter the room first.  This is what I saw:


On top of the fact that the entire room was decorated for Christmas, there was also Christmas music playing in the background.  To see that they took so much time to make this shower so specifically for me absolutely made my month.  When I opened the door to the room I just stared in awe and my friend, and host, Ashley said “are you going to cry?”.  My response was “I might”.


These are four of some of my favorite people at work, three of which were hosts.  Meredith, Julie, Marlene and Mindy (yes, we have TONS of M names at our job).


I got my Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, which was something I intended to buy if no one else had bought it.  It’s what Carter will sleep in when he’s in our room the first several weeks.


I also got my changing pad and a blue cover to go with it.  Another thing I was going to have to buy. 


Justin’s a lot like me, he doesn’t really like opening presents in front of a lot of people.  It’s just awkward.  But he knew he’d have to do that at this shower.


Dryer for washed bottles


LOVE THIS!!!  Another one of my favorite people at work, Emily, hosted, but instead of putting money in for the host gift, she gave me something on her own.  How stinkin ADORABLE is this?!?!


Cute little Christmas bib


I was extremely shocked and very thankful that I got this.  It’s the breathable monitor by AngelCare movement.  I hadn’t originally registered for this.  A couple of months ago, two of our good friends, Joe and Katy, lost their 9 week old son to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  It’s when babies die from just rolling over onto something on accident and not being able to roll back and they suffocate.  I’d heard of it of course, but until then, it had never happened to anyone I knew.  Walt’s funeral was the most emotional event I’ve ever been to and I honestly cried for days for the Bridges family and also out of fear of if that could happen to Carter.  I immediately registered for this afterwards.  It’s a monitor pad that goes under the crib mattress that detects movements so small, like breathing.  If the baby is sleeping in his crib and stops breathing for 20 seconds, the handheld alarm (which will be in our room) will go off indicating we need to run faster than ever upstairs to help him.


Another big thing we got was Carter’s play mat


And another big item I wasn’t expecting was the ExerSaucer.  They literally bought all the big things  on my registry that was left with exception to one.  On top of all the gifts, the shareholders gave me a very generous amount of money to complete any items off my registry that we hadn’t gotten yet. Have I mentioned that I love my job and coworkers?? 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Big Fat Belly - 33 Weeks

I can’t believe it….I’m 33 weeks pregnant now.  WOW.  Time has flown by and there is still so much I have left to do before little man makes his debut!!  The nursery isn’t done, I haven’t unpacked/put together ANYTHING we’ve gotten from our showers, I still need to clean the entire house…the list is never ending.  But as hard as it is to believe, Carter will be here sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.  I say this because in 4 weeks, I’ll be full term and the docs won’t stop it if he tries to come on his own then.  6 weeks is my 39 week mark and St. Vincent’s will induce starting at 39 weeks if I am showing some progression (in terms of dilation and effacement).  If I am dilated at 39 weeks (December 20th) then I will ask to be induced because I truly want Carter to wake up in his home for his first Christmas.  Not to mention we’ll have loads of family and friends in town right at that time and they’ll be gone if we wait until his actual due date. 

So what’s been going on with me in the past 3 weeks since I last did a belly post?  Well, I’m exhausted all the time and yet, somehow, Mr. Sandman has completely forgotten I exist.  I sleep VERY little through the night which obviously leaves me incredibly worthless when I come to work the next day.  I used to only wake up a couple of times in the night.  Now, even with the assistance of my friend Mr. Unisom, I am still waking up every single hour.  I usually am up at 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, and finally at 6 when I can’t put myself back to sleep.  I’m not having to pee at all these times, I just wake myself up and can’t go back to sleep.  I hear this is nature’s way of preparing me for what’s ahead.  Could someone send nature the memo that I only have a few weeks of sleep left and instead of KILLING me, she should be giving me what I need!?!?!

I still have no stretch marks (praise baby and adult Jesus), the belly button hasn’t popped, and I’m assuming it probably won’t, I’m weighing in at a total gain between 26-27 pounds, my upper back is on fire, and Braxton Hicks contractions are kicking my butt.  I am no longer doing my normal walks because every time I walk I feel what I think is BH contractions, so I feel like it’s best if I take it easy because as excited as I am to meet my son, I want him to stay in for at least 4 more weeks.  Hot baths have become a nightly ritual for me.  Each night before bed, I take a 30 minute hot bath and read a chapter in the Happiest Baby on the Block book.  It’s taken me months for some reason, but I’m only shy a few chapters from finishing this bad boy.  As soon as I’m done with it, I need to get a move on and start reading Baby Wise.  Both are books my sister that recently gave birth to their son recommended to me and both of them I’d already heard of.  Happiest Baby on the Block is all about calming a crying child and Baby Wise is about getting a baby on a sleep schedule and sticking to it. 

Swelling has taken over my fingers and feet.  I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore.  Actually I had to stop wearing my wedding band a few weeks ago because my wedding band  is smaller than my engagement ring (not really sure why).  I just now had to stop wearing my engagement ring.  Fingers and feet are usually fine first thing in the morning, but in the early afternoon they start swelling, especially my feet because my desk at work won’t allow them to be propped up.  My ring finger in particular will become uncomfortable when it feels restricted by a ring, so I just stopped wearing it a few days ago.

Some of my family members, including my husband, has been kind of freaking out lately wanting me to call the doctor because I’ve been experiencing some crazy headaches that never go away and have gotten dizzy and nauseous.  Justin tried numerous times to get me to go to Walgreens to take my blood pressure, but I wouldn’t.  When my sister came in town from Tampa and I went over to my mom’s to hang out with her, they forced me to take my blood pressure which was higher than what mine normally is, but still in the normal range.  So I didn’t call the doc.  But it’s been happening a few times since then and I still haven’t called.  It hasn’t happened in the past few days and I promised Justin and family that if it happens again I will call the nurse.  In the meantime, the guy whose office is next door to me at work has a blood pressure machine so if I feel bad, I’ll go check the pressure and make sure I’m good.  I don’t want to run into preeclampsia issues. 

I have no 33 week belly pic, so one from my shower will have to suffice.  My 33 week appointment is on Friday so I’ll blog after that and let everyone know if any major things happen.  And I plan to mention my headaches and dizziness issues to him on Friday, I was just trying to not call the nurse before then unless I really needed to.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Back to back baby showers??  YES PLEASE!!!  And we’re not even done yet!  I have another one from my co-workers this Thursday and then the boys are having a diaper shower for Justin this Saturday at our house.  We’re racking up!!

The second baby shower was hosted by three of my very best friends in the world, Lindsey Owens, Tiffany Lobdell and Carina Sanchez.  It was held at Lindsey’s house in Homewood and we mainly invited my close family and friends.  There ended up being about 20 people there so it was a great turnout!  See below for pictures!!!


This is my friend Shelly.  Shelly just got a new job and is working with my mom!!!  My mom LOVES Shelly.  I think she was more excited when Shelly got the job because it meant she’d see her everyday than she is about Carter being born.  Seriously.


I recruited Lydia and Anderson to help me open presents.  The big fat belly has gotten in the way of me being able to bend over to pick things up.


Allison Williamson got me the cutest monkey outfit that came with mittens and socks and a super sweet little hat!!!  Can’t wait for Carter to wear it!  I don’t know why, but I am LOVING outfits with things on the butt!! 


This came on the present that Debbie and Gordon gave us.  Love it!


How super cute is this cross that Tiffany made for him??  It’s going in his nursery somewhere, just haven’t decided whether it will be on the door to his room or on the wall above the changing table. 


Definitely blog-worthy to mention that my sweet friend Melanie (the one I used to work with that Justin and I hooked up with one of his best friends, Wade, and the two got married this July) got Carter the cutest and softest elephant stuffed animal!!  I hope Carter loves it and I hope daddy doesn’t “accidentally lose it” at some point.


This is me utilizing my assistants…


Again, LOVE outfits with something on the butt!!!  So cute!!!


One of my other long time friends, Ashley, got Carter this onesie called “babybook”.  It’s like facebook, but for babies.  It’s actually hilarious when you read it.  It says things like “email:  up@allhours.com” and “position: sitting up”.  But the best was “status: wondering when someone will change my diaper”


Our friend Bonnie’s mom was able to come to the shower (Bonnie is the one that lives in Houston and goes on a lot of our hiking trips with us).   She gave us this umbrella stroller and a few other things as well.


My sister-in-law got us his Tummy Time mat.


My sister Lindsey got him a cute polar bear outfit complete with the cutest ever polar bear hat!


And Tiff got a ton of his bath accessories.  I promise I’m more excited about the bath accessories than I look in this picture!


My sweet niece and nephew


Me and Melanie


Aflac!!!  (Her name is Ashley Matherson…we’ve been calling her “Aflac” for what seems like forever…not really sure why that started though.


Mom and Lindsey


The lovely hostesses!!


And of course the baby daddy!  I made him come over to help me load up all the gifts we got because they wouldn’t all fit in my car.  Also, check out the sweet diaper cake that Tiffany did in the background.  I wish I had gotten a picture of just that, but once I reassemble it in the nursery I’ll take a picture.

Incredible shower overall and again, I am so blessed and grateful for everyone that came to shower Carter with gifts!!  He’ll be here soooooooo soon!!!  I can’t wait!