Thursday, January 12, 2012

Labor & Delivery Pictures

As promised, here are many of the labor and delivery pictures that my sister took.  She also did an incredible slideshow telling the story of the birth through these pictures and I’ll post that slideshow in another blogpost, but for now, here’s some of the labor and delivery pictures.


This is a book my sister gave me.  Sweetest book ever and made everyone that read it cry!


My two sisters (the one on the left is the one that took all these pictures)


The headlines on his birthday



Everyone in the family was guessing weight, height and time of birth.  Justin’s dad won the height, his mom won the weight and Justin won the time.  Clearly my side of the family sucks at estimating things!!


It was time to start pushing so we were saying goodbye to the family one at a time.


This is Justin’s dad, Gordon, and it was taken when he got the picture text to the right from Justin once Carter was born.


This is Justin’s grandparents when they saw Carter’s picture


He literally came out of the womb with those eyes WIDE open.  Our pediatrician has since referred to him as “hyper-alert” because he’s afraid to close his eyes since he may miss something.  Very nosey and always looking around at his surroundings. 


First family photo


Our pastor, Don Cross, gathered everyone around me and Carter and said a prayer for Carter and for our family.  It was so incredibly sweet.


Love those sweet and precious little feet!!


Lindsey actually didn’t take these next several pictures because she wasn’t in the room when Carter was born, it was just me and Justin.  Justin took a couple and then the nurse grabbed the camera and took some of us all.


There you have it.  Those are some of the fabulous pictures my sister took.  If you’re looking to book someone to do a newborn shoot or a birth video of pictures, call her!!!

See my next post for the video she did of these pictures that was set to music.  So sweet!!


Melissa said...

By the end of this post, I was crying like a baby! Such a sweet family, and a beautiful baby! I know you are soooooo proud!