Thursday, February 5, 2015

Carter Goes to the Circus

We were so excited to take Carter to the Circus this year…we knew this would be the year he would enjoy it.  Age 3 seems to be the age where he understands a lot of things much better!  What was more exciting was that Nana and Papa in addition to Aunt Jen and Uncle Aeron and the twins all went with us.  It was a family affair!  And thanks to Papa’s generosity and love of his grandkids, we got front row seats!!  As much as he enjoyed the circus, I’m not gonna lie, I think he liked the idea that he could eat popcorn and M&Ms and cotton candy even more.  We never let him eat that much bad foods and he was loving it!!  Here’s a few pictures:

IMG_8975 IMG_8980 IMG_8983 IMG_8993 IMG_8996


See how close the kids were in the front row!!!  Thanks Papa!!!

IMG_9009 IMG_9025IMG_9027 IMG_9042

High fiving one of the clowns


We had a blast and can’t wait to take Carter again next year!