Thursday, March 1, 2012

#58 - CHECK

Number 58 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to replace the empty frames I purchased from my sister (Lindsey Smith Photography) with some of Carter’s newborn photos.  I finally got the pictures in this week and had to wait for Justin to get home from being out of town to help me put the big one in the frame.  The big frame is close to 50 pounds and is NOT easy to get on and off the wall without assistance.  Here’s the finished product:


This is the big frame that weighs close to 50 pounds.  I just LOVE that picture of him!!


Close up


These are two smaller frames and I just love these pictures of Carter with both me and his daddy so I had to incorporate them into his nursery.


Close up

Now, Carter’s room is one step closer to being finished.  I already have some blackout curtains on his window, but they were super cheap and not the right shade of white to match his room, but I needed to get some quickly because the sun comes into his room very easily and it was hard for him to take naps.  So I’d like to get some better curtains as well as a lamp.  After those two things, his room will officially be finished.  I should have put that on my 101 list!


The Langham's said...

love those frames and pics!