Saturday, August 6, 2016

Garrett - 21 Months

My sweet chunk turned 21 months old on July 27, 2016.  From birth to 12 months old I posted on Garrett monthly, 12 months to 2 years I plan to post quarterly and then starting at 2 years old I'll do it twice a year.  That's how I did it with Carter so that's the plan for G-Money too.  Here's what he's into now:



We moved up to size 5's.  Technically he can still fit into 4's, but I had so many size 5's around the house that I didn't want to spend money on 4's so he just started wearing 5's.  I think Carter got potty trained at a size 5.  Maybe Garrett will be the same, but we'll see.  Potty training isn't even on the horizon though.

Shoe Size

At 18 months old I had Garrett's foot measured and he was a 5 1/2 Wide.  I had tons of those size shoes that Carter passed down.  But in the last couple of weeks, I started noticing it being harder to put his shoes on.  So right before he turned 21 months old, I went to have him measured again.  Turns out, sweet boy is actually a 7 Wide.  Those poor feet of his.  We got him a brand new pair of shoes and then I went home and dug around to find all of Carter's old size 7s.  Luckily we have tons!


He's still wearing 18 month clothes for the most part.  Some of his stuff is 24 months that was handed down from Carter and has been washed and dried a lot.  I'd say he's somewhere between 18 months and 2T though.  We'll probably whip open the 2T box of clothes within the next couple months.


One nap during the day usually starting at 1pm.  This kid....y'all.  He loves to SLEEP.  His naps are anywhere from 2-3 hours long, sometimes lasting as long as 3.5 hours long.  He goes to bed for the night at 7:30-8pm and will usually sleep until about 8am the next morning.  He's pretty easy!


Still loves pretty much all foods.  Really really LOVES pizza.  So unlike big bro.  He loves sandwiches and all things bread.  Again, so unlike big bro.  Feeding these kids the same meal sometimes is tough!!  Right now Garrett isn't loving corn.  Sadly I haven't given it to him very consistently so I need to do better at that.  His veggies usually include green beans, peas, corn and sometimes carrots, broccoli or sweet potatoes via a pouch.  We don't eat a lot of carrots or sweet potatoes in our house so I make sure his pouches he eats as a side are one of those. 
Also unlike big bro, he's not big into fruits.  He loves strawberries, peaches and a variety of fruit flavored yogurts.  But he won't eat blueberries or grapes like big bro will.  He loves applesauce, but we haven't tried an actual apple slice yet.  I don't think his teeth are ready for that.  He is very good at eating with a fork now.  We haven't really practiced with the spoon yet.  I'm a tad terrified to try!  He has shown huge interest in eating at the table like the rest of us instead of in his high chair, so just this week, Justin took the tray off his high chair and adjusted the height so that he can be rolled up to the table at the same level with the rest of us.  He loves it.
Mother's Day Out
We haven't started school just yet.  His first day is August 22nd.  We changed schools to a school at a church significantly closer to our house so neither of the boys really knows anyone that will be in their classes nor do they know their teachers.  I hope and pray this isn't going to be an issue.  They have become super comfortable with all things associated with our church so this is definitely a change for them.  But I'm confident they will do fine.  


Flags.  Garrett's activities include the American flag.  Numerous flags in fact.  Justin just did a bathroom renovation for us and each time he went to Home Depot with Garrett, he had to buy one of those 99 cent flags that they had at checkout.  Garrett points them out everywhere he goes.  Flags to Garrett is like Buicks for Carter.  He also loves jumping on mom and dad's bed.  Which is frustrating.  I remember that about this exact age, Carter went through a head-banging phase.  Well G-Money is there now too.  Every time you say "ouchie" he bangs his head on something.  So weird.

He loves to be outside but that has been tough lately because of how hot it is outside!!  He is loving the splash pad at the Birmingham Zoo.  He also really LOVES going to the YMCA into the child care room.  He adores playing in there and the women in there say he always has so much fun.  He's obsessed with cars just like Carter is. They frequently fight over cars even though we literally have every single Hot Wheel ever made in our living room.

He's starting to talk a lot more and we can understand a lot more words.  He's not talking in full sentences yet.  In fact, I think he's only said two words together such as "big car" or "red car" a handful of times.  I'm not worried by this though.  It's pretty typical for this age.  I just try not to get bogged down comparing him to Carter because Carter was very vocal at a very young age.  Doc says that Garrett may just not be a talkative child like Carter is.  Fine by me ;)

Still working on body parts and he knows a ton.  His favorite by far is belly button.  He loves lifting his shirt and showing you his belly button and sometimes, if he knows you well enough, he'll lift your shirt and look at your belly button too!  He also knows head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arms, legs, and feet.  So pretty much all the big ones.  Once every blue moon he'll mix up arms and legs for some reason, but most of the time he gets it right.

He is amazing at walking on his own and staying next to me.  Anytime I take both boys somewhere, Garrett knows that as soon as his feet hit the pavement in a parking lot, he has to hold me and Carter's hands.  We get a lot of comments going into places of people saying how cute they are holding hands.  I think so too.  But honestly I'm just trying to keep everyone together and not get hit by a car!


Sadly I don't know these.  I have a scale, but just haven't weighed him.  I can't get the kid to stand still long enough to measure him.  He has a growth scale on his wall and the last mark he had was at 20 months so we do a mark on his chart about every 2-3 months.  If I had to guess though, I'd say he's roughly 50% for weight and maybe 40% or so for height.   
Garrett has all of his teeth except his second year molars.  Every time he chews on stuff a lot and gets cranky, I think he's getting them in, but then they never come.  So I have no clue when they will come in!  I don't plan to take him to the dentist until he's 3.  I know some dentists want you to bring them in once they get their first tooth but I am so not doing that.  Plenty of dentists want you to wait until they're 3 so that they don't get traumatized by the dentist and always have a bad memory of that building and of him/her.  I agree whole heartedly.  We brush Garrett's teeth twice a day and once those molars come in, we'll begin flossing too.  I'd rather wait to take him to a dentist until he's old enough to comprehend instructions and obey them.  Any earlier than that and it will be a disaster!
That's about it!  Next post on G-Money will be his TWO YEAR post.  I can't even comprehend that!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Garrett - 18 Months Old

A year and a half old.  I can't believe it.  But I think I have said that about both my boys each time they hit a new age.  Garrett turned 18 months old on April 27, 2016.  

Here's all the things going on with G-Money at 18 months:


 He's in size 4 and I don't forsee him going to a 5 anytime soon, but we'll have to see I guess.

Shoe Size

 I took Carter to Sikes in Homewood for the first time and they were kind enough to also measure Garrett since I hadn't officially measured him yet.  He's a 5 1/2 Wide, just like big bro was at this age.  Carter is also still rockin' the wide foot.  Hopefully we'll grow out of that by elementary school.

**Garrett LOVES to stack things and he's really good at it.  He's been stacking blocks from a young age.  He loves to knock stuff over after he stacks it up.**


Garrett is solely in 18 month clothes right now.  I doubt we're going to be buying this kid any clothes any time soon!  Evidently mommy bought Carter a gigantic amount of clothes at 18 months so Garrett probably has more 18 month clothes than I have in my entire closet.
**This was Valentine's Day.  Aren't the adorable?!?!?  I mean, they look NOTHING alike, but they sure are cute!!**

I discussed in his 15 month post how he was still taking two naps a day and really needed them.  He stayed on 2 naps a day until about 16 1/2 months and then we forced him down to one to make life easier with both boys taking one nap at the exact same time.  He transitioned pretty well.  He still goes to bed around 7-7:30pm at night and wakes up anywhere from 7-8am.  Every now and again he'll wake up at 6:30 but is able to entertain himself with the stuffed animals in his crib or the mobile that makes music.
**He seriously sleeps in the weirdest positions sometimes**


The perfect eating baby.  Period.  He eats everything!  And he's gotten really good at using a fork too.  Sometimes I have to put the food on the fork and then give him the fork and then he'll put it into his mouth.  Depending on the food, he can sometimes put the food on the fork himself.  In his 15 month post I mentioned he was developing some preferences but he's moved past those.  He used to only eat blueberries and bananas as fruits but now he loves strawberries and peaches.  I haven't tried grapes yet.  I'm sure he'd love them, but grapes make me nervous.  He's gotten back on the veggie bandwagon and eats his peas and corn and green beans.  Those three are usually the main ones we eat in our house.  I need to do better about making both boys eat carrots.  Carter likes carrots so I need to go buy some and make sure they are getting that veggie as well.

**These pictures are from Easter.  How handsome are my kids?!?!**

Unlike his big bro, he loves bread.  Things he typically eats are peanut butter sandwiches, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, turkey meat, string cheese, yogurt, lots of those Gerber Graduate meals, Spaghetti O's, applesauce, various pouches, corn, green beans, ham, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, etc.  I could probably go on with this list for a while.  He really is a good eater!  A big difference between him and Carter when it comes to eating is textures.  Carter is a meat and three kind of guy.  He likes three separate pieces of food.  For example, ham and green beans and blueberries.  He refuses things mixed together like pasta or casseroles.  Garrett loves that kind of stuff.

**Garrett is just like brother and always wants a placemat, even though he's allowed to have food directly on his highchair table-unlike brother who must use a plate on top of the placemat.  But regardless, Garrett always wants to be like brother and have a placemat.  In the picture above, Garrett is saying his blessing.  He knows it's what we do before we eat therefore he's associated the placemat with the blessing.  He can't actually say the words yet, but he puts his hands together and kind of jabbers as if he were trying to say it.  A for effort!!**
Mother's Day Out
Garrett loves school and his teachers love him.  I always ask how he was when I pick him up and they all say the same thing "that baby always has a good day-he's always so happy!".  Garrett loves food so much that he is frequently the "vacuum" after the kids in his class eat. When everyone's done with their meals, Garrett gets the leftovers.  You'd think I don't feed him enough but I swear I do!  We only have 2 weeks of school left and then we're all done for this year.  But luckily, both boys are attending Saint Mark's Summer Fun program so they'll have two weeks at home with me but then they'll go back to school four days a week for three weeks.  Two weeks at home and this mama will be ready for them to go back and so will they.  They love playing with friends and toys they don't have at home so both boys really do love school. 

Still doing the same things we always do.   Playing in the backyard outside if it's pretty.  He loves to get in his little blue car or Carter's "4 by X" as he calls it (it's a toy 4x4).  Garrett likes to ride in both of these toys around the culdesac next to our house.  Lately I've been putting them both in the radio flyer wagon and walking them around the circle in our neighborhood.  Garrett loves to be outside just like his brother does.  He still loves to be read to as well.  He enjoys sitting in your lap and listening to you read books to him.  He loves cars.  Possibly because of how much Carter loves cars and how many cars are all over our house.  He and Carter love playing with cars together.  Just like Carter when he was this age, Garrett doesn't do a lot of TV watching unless he's strapped in the car seat.  He doesn't like standing still long enough to watch much.  He really likes the Barney song as well as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hot dog song.  You're likely to catch him dancing to either of these.

**This is one of his favorite toy cars and it's really one that Carter got for his birthday.  When you press the button it plays music and Garrett dances to it.**

Garrett still doesn't really talk a ton.  I was concerned about this because at this age Carter was basically talking small sentences.  At his 18 month appointment I talked about it with the doc and he said he's not at all worried and that Garrett is right on track.  It's just hard for me to see that because my only comparison is Carter and Carter is really advanced for his age now just like he was at 18 months old.  Garrett's definitely the observer whereas Carter is the talker.  Carter just yap yap yap yap yap's away.  He could talk to a brick wall.  Garrett just prefers to sit back and listen and observe.  I'll probably be appreciative of this later.  Garrett can say about 15 or so words and he tries to say more all the time so he is working on it.  He's just not a talker like Carter is. 

We are working on body parts and Garrett has shown us his head, tummy and ear before.  But he just doesn't do it every time you ask.  He hates performing.  Justin and I can tell he understands pretty much everything he sees and hears, he's just choosing to not show us that he understands it right that minute.  When you say that it's time for dinner or lunch, Garrett will walk right to the highchair.  When you say bath, he goes right to the bathroom and when you say bedtime he heads to the stairs.  So he knows exactly what is being said.  The doc told me about how speech pathologists look for two things: 1) receptive and 2) expressive.  They're more concerned with receptive than they are with expressive.  And Garrett is extremely receptive and knows exactly what you're saying to him and what it means.  He is just not an expressive kind of guy.  Doc said this may just be his personality.

At his 18 month appointment, Garrett was measured at 31 inches (10%) and weighed 24lbs, 9oz (55%).  He got one shot and after that one shot, Garrett is done with shots until he's 4.  Minus the annual flu shot, that is.  Carter demanded to go with us to this appointment because he wanted to be there for his brother when he got shots.  And he was.  He told him "it's ok Garrett, we're about to go home!  You're almost done!"  So sweet.
 **This was at the McWane Center in the Itty Bitty City section.  My boys love cars so much!!**
I have lost track, to be honest.  Garrett has gotten all of his teeth except his two year molars.  I know he had about 7 coming in while we were in Disney but all those came in and then a month or so later, he got four more.  So when I look at his mouth now, it's full of teeth.  One of the ones on the bottom left is already cut but still making it's way in now.  Garrett's never been one to show pain during teething though.  Thank the Lord!!!
Garrett's next appointment is at 2 years old!  He's growing fast and time is flying by so much quicker with him than it did with Carter.  Probably because I'm so busy with two whereas Carter got all the attention when it was just him.  As much as the boys love to play together, they do fight over things and this is a new development within the last month or so.  Carter pretty much understands sharing and the concept of "he has a turn then you get a turn", but Garrett does NOT understand that so that's the struggle we deal with now.  I have to constantly make sure I'm not taking advantage of Carter and making him surrender his turns to his brother because then he will grow to not like playing with him and always having to make concessions for him because "he's the baby".  So I'm doing my best to teach Garrett these things and force them to both follow the same set of rules.  Hopefully Garrett will begin to understand it more as he gets older. 
That's all I got for now with my sweet youngest boy.  Life is an adventure with them both but I love it!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Best of 2011 In Pictures

So I am completely aware of the fact that I am doing a "Best of 2011" post in the year 2016.  I happened to run across my "Best of 2012 In Pictures" post and once I did, I realized that I only did two years of these posts (2012 and 2009).  So I'm going to spend the next couple of days trying to fill in the years so that I can have them all.  So for now, here's the best of 2011:

Nothing major happened in January (or I didn't take pictures of it if it did).  So first big thing was in February when we found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant!!!

We were THRILLED!!!!!  This is her and her mom in the photo.  A few days after this announcement they went to their first ultrasound and found out it was TWINS!

Nothing big in March either, but in April we found out that Jen was having twin GIRLS!!!  Lots of pink on its way!

Around the time we found out Jen was having twin girls, Justin and I found out we were expecting our own bundle of joy!!

We had already planned a trip for May to go to Rome and London, so we enjoyed that trip (even though I was exhausted all the time and quite hormonal).

Roman Colosseum


Later in the month we had that first ultrasound where we got to hear the heartbeat and see that sweet baby for the first time.  His heartrate was 185!!!  Everyone said he was a girl, but I had been guessing boy from day 1 (my gender prediction for his brother was definitely NOT correct).

In June, me and one of my best friends Carina went to NYC for a long weekend.  We both LOVE New York.  We didn't get a picture together for some reason (oh I know was 2011 and selfies weren't a thing then) so this is really the only picture of me that I have.  I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time.  I don't look big at all whatsoever, but at the time (never having been pregnant before), I felt massive.  If only I knew at the time what week 39 was going to look like!!

July held all things BOY.  First, my sweet nephew Cooper was born in Tampa, FL. 

And then about two weeks later, Justin and I cut into a cake in front of our closest friends and family and found out our bundle would also be a boy!  This was also the same moment that we told Justin's dad, Gordon, that the baby would hold his name as a middle name.  We didn't know his first name until a few days after this, but at that moment, we knew his middle name would be Gordon.

In August, the sweet little Gault twins made their way into our lives!

Those girls gave me some good practice before Carter made his way into the world. 

Nothing major happened in September, but in October, all the Rogers girls got together and went to a pumpkin patch over on Hwy 280.

Also in October, I ran/walked the Race for the Cure 5k with my friend Tiffany.  Tiffany had actually JUST found out she was pregnant with Harper that weekend but she hadn't told me about it yet.

Another big thing in October was my maternity pictures that my sister, Lindsey, took over in Ross Bridge.


In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving.

I want to say I was 35 weeks pregnant in this picture.  It was right after Thanksgiving (I always put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving).

December as a very busy month obviously.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Cooper.  He was giving Carter a hug and telling him to hurry up and come on out!!!

My belly is gigantic y'all.  GIGANTIC.  But none of it mattered because a couple of days later, we went in to force Carter out of my belly (one day past my due date).  The delivery was extremely difficult and there was few complications, but he and I were completely fine and he was PERFECT.

So that was 2011!!!  It was busier than it's just that, we didn't take a ton of pictures back then.  I feel like I take a ton more pics now than I used to then and not because I have kids, but because I think technology with camera phones has gotten better and more convenient for spur of the moment picture taking.  Up next will be 2010.  That one will be tougher because my folders for that year aren't organized by month so I'll have to figure out what picture is from what month, which could take a while!