Monday, October 31, 2011

For the Hospital

I know there’s a lot of currently pregnant, previously pregnant or at the very least future pregnant mommas that read my blog that can help me out with this.  My third trimester is flying by and I just realized that I could be anywhere from 5-8 weeks from having Carter.  A few people have asked me if I’ve gotten my hospital packing list together, which I have to admit, I haven’t even thought about it.  So I’m attempting to think about it now and trying to put together a list of things I’ll need to have packed and ready to go for labor and delivery day.  I used a couple of websites to make the below list but I really wanted to get some mommas out there to look at it and tell me if I’m including something I really don’t need or if I’m missing something absolutely crucial.  ADVICE TOTALLY NEEDED HERE!!!

For Me:

  • Picture ID, insurance card, and short term disability forms for doc to sign to give back to my work for my maternity leave
  • Bathrobe, nightgowns, socks, slippers (I’ll probably bring my comfy crocks since I don’t own “slippers”)
  • Leave the hospital outfit for me, probably a pair of my maternity jeans since I will still have a bit of a belly when I leave, and a sweater or something since it’ll be cold outside
  • A few changes of clothes for the hospital stay
  • Makeup, shampoo/conditioner, body wash/loofa, hairdryer, straightener, ponytail holders
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, brush, face wash, eye makeup remover, lotion
  • Baby book and pen and notepad
  • Nursing bras (haven’t even bought these yet…advice in this area is also helpful) and several pairs of underpants (I’ve heard I should buy some specifically for the hospital because I may throw them away)
  • My own pillow, Ipod, Computer, camera, batteries, video camera (if we have one by then), memory cards, phone, phone charger
  • Snacks
  • Baby Wise and Happiest Baby on the Block books…if I haven’t finished reading them by then, which at my current pace, is humanly impossible
  • Bathing suit (I’ve read to bring this to take a shower in just in case I need help from someone in the case of a c-section)
  • Cash for vending/parking
  • Phone tree list and phone numbers
  • Breast pump accessories (I’ve read to not worry about bringing your own pump)
  • Flip flops for shower

For Carter:

  • His going home outfit/booties/socks/hat
  • Installed car seat
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Family Receiving blanket (I plan to bring Carter  home wrapped in a receiving blanket that has been in my family for over 65 years.  He will be the 11th Rogers baby to come home in it)
  • I’ve read to not even bring diapers because the hospital gives you so many so that’s not on the list for him

I’m not adding anything for Justin because he can always drive back home and get whatever he needs for himself or anything I may have forgotten for me or Carter.  Sooooo…what am I missing?!?!  Any advice would be incredibly helpful!!    A side note because I know different hospitals provide different things, but I’ll be delivering at St. Vincent’s, so if any of you have delivered there and can tell me what they will provide, that would also be helpful!


The Sandersons said...

I just delivered at St. Vincent's in March, here are a couple of things: don't worry about diapers, hair brush, wipes or anything of that nature, they provide all of that for you! Also, they will have a few blankets they provide for swaddling as well. Hope this helps and congrats!

Robbie said...

I can't really say what you should or should not take or what you will need. But I can tell you that I would want my pillow, and the regular stuff like phone and charger and you have that. You might want to bring a power strip in case you only have access to one plug or something. Also, you said you didn't have slippers- target has some for way cheap that are way cute. But will you really be walking a lot anyway?

Christopher, Jenna, Cooper & Maggie said...

Personally, I loved nursing tanks! Motherhood has them, and I think target too.

Whitney said...

Unless Carter is born early (God forbid) and you HAVE to pump, I wouldn't worry with bringing your pumping accessories...or pumping at all while at the hospital. That's just me though. I'd DEFINITELY bring a boppy pillow (or other nursing pillow of your choice)...must have in my opinion!!! :)

Jana said...

make sure you bring larger panties than you would normally wear because you will have an adult diaper on under them for the first day or so.

Whitney said...

I really liked the sleep nursing bras from Target. Especially for right at the beginning. I also liked their nursing tank tops. If you're not bringing your pump I wouldn't bother with your accessories either. If you have to rent a pump they'll give you a new set of accessories. The only thing I could think of that isn't on your list is nursing pads. As for panties, I'd take some you've been wearing at the end of your pregnancy that may be kind of old. You'll be surprised how much they've stretched out and are ruined. I'd rather chunk those and buy some new ones after the gross part is over :)

Elizabeth said...

Definitely invest in a good nursing bra. I bought a cheap one and wish I had gotten fitted and purchased a quality bra. You'll be wearing it a lot :) My hosital let me use my own pads and I was glad because, like someone else said, the ones at the hospital are HUGE! Bring your Boppy. Here's hoping you have no incisions or repairs, but you may want to take something softer than jeans to wear on your bottom half to come home from the hospital. I ended up wearing my pajama pants home :) Best wishes!!!

Lindsey Scott said...

Very good list so far. St. V has a wonderful Laction Department and you can get sized for nursing bras/tanks which is best to do after the baby is born/milk comes in. You can also go anytime for weigh-ins for the baby and they can show you how to pump. Brookwood does show you how to pump when you are still in the hospital but St. V doesn't. I had to have a friend show me how...It's also good to stock up on pads for when you get home. You don't want the hubs to make that trip. Nipple cream and ice packs are also good for pain relief. Comfy pants/leggings are good for post-partum because you will have nurses and doctors doing exams so the more comfortable/easy access the better. Getting close! :)

Colt and Ashley Byrom said...

Look up Posh Pushers on FB I am SO jealous I did not have one of these!! Pictures would have been so much cuter!!! Joe's wife makes them. I would also buy black pjs - makes you look and feel skinner;)

Dana said...

I really wished I would have taken my boppy - would have made nursing so much eaiser (we stacked up towles and pilows and it just didn't work as well).