Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Nap In The Crib

Today, Carter took his very first nap in his crib.  We have a two story house and his nursery is upstairs, so he’s been sleeping downstairs since we brought him home.  We didn’t want him too far away from us in the beginning and not to mention, climbing up and downstairs for feedings in the middle of the night is NOT on my top 10 list of things I want to do.  So he started out in a bassinet in our room until we kicked him out because he was such a loud sleeper.  Now he sleeps in the living room in the pack n’ play.  There’s a small insert in our pack n’ play that is at a slight incline and has a vibrating device in it.  That’s where he’s been sleeping all of his naps and his nighttime sleep from Day 1.  Today, when I was at the gym, Justin put him down for his nap…in his crib!!!  We’ve been discussing introducing his room to him gradually since he’s so used to being downstairs, but I didn’t think we’d do it this soon.  Carter really doesn’t like sleeping on a flat surface like his crib or the bottom of the pack n’ play, he prefers to sleep at an incline.  Because of this, I thought introducing him to the crib would be a difficult adjustment, but apparently not.

Justin put him down in his crib for his afternoon  nap and he napped for over two hours!!  He did cry a little right when he was put down which is expected.  Who really wants to sleep in an unfamiliar place?!?!  But he stopped crying after a few minutes and fell asleep.  Of course, I had to take pictures to document his first time in his crib….


And before we get attacked by all the mommas out there that read my blog, yes, we know there shouldn’t be stuffed animals in the crib.  Justin said he didn’t take them out because he knew that especially in the woombie, there was no way Carter would be able to get that far to the top of the crib.  But they will be taken out from now on, I promise.


Look at his sweet sleeping face.  Love him!!

Our plan from here is to keep him napping in the crib for that afternoon nap and to gradually add an additional nap every few days to the crib instead of in the pack n’ play.  I still don’t want him sleeping upstairs at night though.  At least not until he drops the middle of the night feeding.  Right now he eats at about 10/11pm and then again at 3ish before his morning feeding at 7ish.  Once he drops that 3am feeding and can sleep from midnight to 6 or 7am, then I’ll start letting him sleep in his crib overnight.  Hopefully this gradual schedule will get him slowly adjusted to his room!


Jenny said...

He is so precious!