Monday, December 10, 2012

#56 - CHECK!

Number 56 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to attend the wedding of my friend, Ashley to her sweet hubby, Brad.  Ashley and I have been friends since middle school when we were members of the same youth group.  A fun side note, our youth pastor, Bo Brown, was the one that married her and Brad.  It was so nice to be around him again along with several members of our youth group that we stay in contact with!

Anyway, Brad used to work with me at my firm.  I am proud to say that I hooked them up!  While at the reception, lots of people commented on that but I said the same thing each time.  I really think it was more God using me, than my own matchmaking skills.  See, Brad and I were on the same softball team for our firm.  He was our team coach.  During one game, I was sitting on the bench waiting to go up to bat and the thought penetrated my brain and for some reason I felt a HUGE urge to set Brad up with Ashley.  I called Ashley immediately and told her of my plans.  They both looked at each other’s facebook pages to determine if a first date was even worth it and they both liked what they saw.  So they reluctantly had their first date at Workplay Theater. 

Fast forward a couple of years and here they are now:


Such a beautiful couple.

Here’s a few more pictures of the day:


Before the dresses went on.


Something blue to say “I Do”!


Her reception shoes.  Ash wore white and we all wore black!


Matron of Honor, Allyson, doing touchups on her hair.


The look of nervousness when walking out the door to see Brad for the first time!


This is Wendy and Allyson doing the hair of the flower girl, Addy Kate, who happens to be Allyson’s daughter.


Isn’t she GORGEOUS!?!?!


Ashley and Wendy


Me and Ash.  You may notice how friggin skinny she is!  Girlfriend did the Paleo diet (and I’m not talking one of those easier versions of Paleo…she did the 100% full Paleo diet) a few months before the wedding.  She almost didn’t fit into her dress she’s lost so much weight!


Ash and T (Cristina is her full name, but all of her friends call her T)


The view at the ceremony


My friend Carina!


First dance as husband and wife.


Me and my hubby


Carina and Yarbrough are still planning their wedding which will be held in Las Vegas next May.


Gorgeous cake!


Cutting the cake.


Their ride to the hotel that night.


This isn’t the best picture.  I was trying not to use my flash so that her photographers would have the best picture.


More members of our church youth group.  Justin Mayfield is on the left (and he happens to be one of my neighbors) and to the right is Adam Madinger who is also Allyson’s hubby and Addy Kate’s daddy.


This is our “Georgian” picture.  All four of us use to live together in an apartment complex called “The Georgian” in Tuscaloosa. 


Showing off the comfy reception shoes :)

We had so much fun the whole weekend and I couldn’t be happier for my friend.  The ceremony was absolutely amazing and I had lots of tears for sure.  I’ve never felt an urging from God as strong as I did that day at the ball field and now I know why.  These two were destined to be together and I am so blessed that I was a tool God used to bring them together.  I love you guys!  Have fun in Mexico!!!


Joy said...

Such a fun wedding! And, that's how Terry and I met, through a friend that we both knew. And once I agreed to possibly meet him, he added me on facebook and the rest was history. ;) BTW, I had those on the bottom of my shoes for my something blue... except mine were lowercase! =) Both you and the bride looked lovely!

Fiona said...

What beautiful photos of what looks like a perfect day!! :) Love all the dresses! You looked lovely!!