Friday, March 8, 2013

#1, #25, #35 and #96 - CHECK!

The fact that I’m knocking four items off my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days may seem misleading…as if I actually have free time to do things right now!!!  These things are actually things I completed a while ago (some as long as months ago) but just never got around to updating the actual list.

#1 was to win Bingo at work.  My firm allows all of it’s employees to play bingo, but the game is an incentive for us to submit our time that we bill our clients into our system on a timely basis.  So for example, the time I worked yesterday, on Thursday, was supposed to be entered by noon today.  If anyone does it late, they have to pay $10.  That seems harsh, but let me be the first to say that this payment is hardly enforced.  They usually send out emails before noon to remind everyone to submit their time.  The pot is $250 and if two people win it, they don’t have to split the pot, they each get $250.  Which was what happened to me.  Me and another guy both had bingo last Friday and we both got a check for $250.  Here’s my card:


You have no idea how hard it is to win this.  There’s close to 200 people total playing this game.  There are people that have been employed with our firm for 10+ years that have never won bingo.  I was honestly starting to think that I would never be able to mark this off!

#25 was to obtain a door wreath for every holiday.  This item was rolled forward from my first 101 list and I was a little irritated about it.  All I needed was an Easter wreath and when I looked for one two years ago, I could NOT find a single one I liked (this was pre-Etsy).  This year I finally found a good Easter wreath!  I’ll post a picture of it when I actually hang it on the door.  Too early for that :)

#35 was to watch all episodes of the Big Bang Theory and get caught up to now.  I started watching this show WELL after it initially came on TV so I had some catching up to do.  But I’m all caught up now and DVR the new ones as they come on….not going to lie though, they need to spice it up.  It’s just not all that interesting to me anymore.

#96 was to get the garage cleaned up and looking normal.  Justin and I actually did this last night because we just recently purchased a golf cart and there’s a chance it may be delivered today so we needed to make room for it.  So we cleaned all night after Carter went to bed.  I don’t have a picture though.  I know you’re all devastated.


stephanie said...

I LOVE seeing you update your list; it gives me the motivation to keep going with mine!!! :)

Fiona said...

Yay for BINGO!! :) That sounds so neat. I am happy to hear you got to check all of these things off your list. Would love to see a photo of your easter wreath! A golf cart? How fun!!

Chelley N said...

How awesome that you won BINGO!!! Fun, fun!