Monday, October 8, 2012

#77, #83 and #93 - CHECK!

A lot to mark off!!!  Unfortunately, none of these items include pictures :(  I’ll go in ascending order.  Number 77 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to get an i-Phone.  Based on my posts below, you can tell I already got it.  I got the i-Phone 5 and I got it in white.  I’m loving it so far!!  I love all the apps and the quality of pictures of videos.  Glad my blackberry days are behind me.

Number 83 was to go to Cross Point church in Nashville.  Cross Point was the church I attended for the two years that a I lived in Nashville.  Since leaving there, the pastor, Pete, has written two books, both of which I read and LOVED.  I went to Nashville two weekends ago for my friend Ashley’s bachelorette party (I’m slacking on blogging about that…it’s coming I promise!).  Ashley also read his books (we had a bible study together for his first book) so naturally, when I told her I wanted to go to church there on Sunday before heading back to Birmingham, she jumped at the chance to come with me.  It was incredible as always.  The series they’re doing right now is about loving recklessly.  That Sunday’s message was about loving your enemies and was definitely something I needed to hear!  I could literally write an entire blogpost on that one sermon.  I so miss that church!!!

And finally, number 93 on my list was to write another letter to our sponsored child in Russia.  Our church sponsors an orphanage in Russia and many of our members sponsor the children in that orphanage.  A handful of our members even go to visit them for a week in November every year.  Justin’s parents are in that group of people and even his sister went two years ago.  Our Sunday school class went in together to sponsor a child and I’m usually in charge of letter writing and correspondence.  It had been several months since our last letter so I was time to write another one.  now it can be done through email, which is very convenient!

Sorry to disappoint with a “no picture” post, but I had to get these marked off!


Fiona aka DRMama said...

That is great that you managed to get 3 more items marked off the list! Jealous of your iphone. I am still using some basic old Nokia from about 1999, which a black and white screen and no camera! :/ That is great that your church sponsors those children in Russia!