Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#88 - CHECK!

Number 88 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to go to a drive-in movie. On Saturday night, Justin and I drove about 30 minutes to Trussville, AL to go to the Argo drive-in theater. There's another drive-in in Harpersville, which is about the same distance, but I chose Argo because of the deal they had going on. The deal was to see two movies for $5. What a deal!!! And these aren't movies that you see in the $1.50 theaters that is in that awkward stage of just getting out of the big theaters but not on DVD just yet. These movies shown at the drive-in are the same as what is in the big theaters.

I didn't take a picture of anything because I didn't have my camera. I like to try to get pictures of these items as I mark them off my list, but sometimes it's not really necessary and this was one of those times.


They weren't showing Rush Hour, I promise. I found this picture online and just grabbed it. Justin and I saw this movie:


and this movie:


The second was by far the better movie. I liked Shrek, don't get me wrong, but it certainly wasn't as funny as the other Shrek movies have been. It was alright. However, Ironman 2 was friggin amazing! Such an awesome movie and Robert Downey, Jr. may be my new obsession :)

Before going to the theater, Justin and I actually stopped at a gas station to buy some candy in an effort to save money from buying food at the drive-in. As soon as we got there we realized that not only is the movie price a banging deal, but so was the candy. All candy at the drive-in was $1. The only things more expensive were the popcorn, which was $2 (and rather nasty if I do say so myself), and drinks which were also $2. Note to self, come to the drive in more often.


Samantha said...

That sounds so fun! I put "go to a drive-in" on my list too, but like the Argo theatre, our drive-in is super far away, so I'm not sure when we'll venture out. :)

Kyle B. Sasaoka said...

Wow sounds like fun... I remember my first drive-in movie was "The Blob." I watched it at a drive-in here in Hawaii. Too bad it doesn't exist anymore. And Iron Man 2 man that was a good movie. What can beat capitalism + action + U.S. Air Force.

Jenny said...

I love going to the drive in here! Its only about 6 miles from our house! I wear my pjs when we go! LOL! Its $6 to see 2 movies! They have 4 screens so there is always something good to choose from! But the food is so expensive!!! More then the regular movies! So we always sneek in our food!

Sh said...

LOVE the drive-in! Only problem with Argo is the train running literally right behind the concession stand... we saw the last Batman movie there and missed several minutes of hushed dialogue because of the noise... not to mention the fact that we thought we were going to die since we had no idea the tracks were even there... glad you enjoyed it!

elizabeth carmen said...

That's great!

I love getting to go to drive-ins, but they are harder and harder to come by these days. Plus, we only have a 4-door civic which is not the most comfy way to lounge and watch a movie for a couple hours!

So glad to hear you're checking things off your list. I'm slowly but surely trying to work my way through mine as well :)

Lauren K said...

How fun! I defiantly want to go to a drive in one day!