Monday, July 12, 2010

#41 and #65 - CHECK!

I was able to knock two things off my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days this weekend. Number 41 was to have Anderson spend the night with us. Anderson and Lydia came to Birmingham on Friday and spent the night with my mom while Justin and I went to the Lobdell's to cook out for dinner. I got up and did a three mile run and then headed to IHOP to pick up Anderson (it's kind of a tradition for my mom to take the kids to IHOP for breakfast when they visit). As soon as I walked in the door and saw them, something pretty awesome happened. My beautiful niece Lydia, who has never once spoken my name, FINALLY said my name! The second I walked up to them she said "my Marcie". She said that exact phrase probably 10 times before I left with Anderson. It was so sweet and adorable :)

I got Anderson and brought him to my house to wait on Justin to get home from the gym. As soon as he got home, all three of us headed to the Birmingham Zoo. Here are some pics from our day at the zoo:





After leaving the zoo, we came home to clean up a bit before heading over to The Rave at Patton Creek to see Despicable Me in 3D. Anderson LOVED it! He kept laughing over and over and I got to the point where I was laughing at him instead of the movie! Here's a pretty awesome snapshot I got of the boys:


After the movie, we headed home and I gave Anderson his bath. On the way home, he mentioned something about wanting his goggles. His parents didn't send any goggles with him, so Justin improvised and gave him his goggles that he swims with, which was about when I took this picture:


Gizmo was absolutely loving Anderson being there. She chased him around the house and as Anderson says, they "played tag and had races around the house". It was so adorable to see. On Sunday, Justin and I took Anderson to Petco by the Target on Highway 150 to get a new fish (number 65 on the list). Anderson named the fish Oscar. A while ago, Justin and I got a new yellow fish from there as well, which we named Everest (yes, a lot of our fish have names of mountains).


The fish at the very top is McKinley (tallest mountain in Alaska), to the bottom right is the new yellow one, Everest (tallest mountain in the world), to the bottom left is Nemo (real original, I know) and in the middle is little Oscar (Anderson's fish). The one that isn't in this picture is Elbert (tallest mountain in Colorado) and the two turbo snails which we have dubbed Slug 1 and Slug 2 (they're pretty hard to tell apart because they look exactly alike).

Like I said, Gizmo adores Anderson. She kept following him around and was always lying next to him.


Justin and I both had so much fun with Anderson this weekend. The kids are having a joint birthday party this coming weekend in Tuscaloosa so I'm really excited for that. I heart those kids :)


Sh said...

So glad y'all had fun at the zoo- I used to volunteer there in high school. They've gotten a LOT of new animals since then, but I'm pretty sure that's Tatiana in your first picture- she was one of my favorites!

Brenna Langham said...

Glad you had such a great time with him! It's on my list to have my niece over to spend the night. I have to say that I saw your photos on facebook from the zoo trip, and I thank you for not putting the snake picture on there. I almost died when I saw it!

Allison said...

Yay! I'm glad y'all had a great time with Anderson. I hate that we missed the cookout though. I'm sure y'all had a great time. We need to get together soon. BR is getting so big. You've got to see her!!!

Lauren K said...

You are such a fun Aunt! How sweet that Lydia said your name!!

456eleven said...

What a cute nephew you have!

Emily @