Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#46, #74, #93, and #98 - CHECK!

I think it’s time I check these off now.  So number 46 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to get a new coffee table and end tables for our living room.  We actually bought these in the past few weeks and had them at our old house but since we recently moved, I figured I wait until we had them in the new house to cross off the list.  We bought them at the Mazer’s Furniture close-out sale.  We also bought the couches from there that you see in the picture below.  We racked up on that sale!!!


Number 74 on the list was to purchase a new dining room table and chairs.  Again this is something we bought from Mazer’s and bought it before we moved in, but waited until we moved to put it together.  Props to my girl Tiffany Lobdell for manually putting together each of the chairs in the dining room.  She’s my hero.


Notice how the rug and wall  painting pretty much match exactly???  Total coincidence.  We got the rug from Lowe’s and the painting I actually purchased after returning a few unneeded items from our wedding registry back in 2009.  We still have some décor to put on the dining room table but the house isn’t finished yet, so don’t judge yet please!

Number 93 on the list was to get hardwood floors for the living room.  We never did this in the old house but we picked out the hardwoods for this new house.  See the two pictures above for hardwoods color.

Finally, number 98 was to watch every episode of Andy Griffith.  Mission accomplished.  I rented my final season on Netflix and finished it last week.  Classic series. 

We’re still unpacking and adjusting…moving sucks and takes forever!  We had tremendous help from our friends the Lobdell’s as well as Wade Trimm, Justin Yarbrough and Aeron Gault.  We couldn’t have gotten so much done without their help!  Once things are set up and in order, I’ll take pics of the whole house and post them on here, but that may take some time.  I move slow pregnant.

Speaking of pregnant, a friend of mine asked in a comment on an earlier post if I had registered yet.  Yes, I am registered at both Buy Buy Baby and Babies R’ Us.  My sister, Lindsey, came to Birmingham a while back and went with me because I truly had no idea what I needed and what I didn’t.  It took 6 hours for us to have lunch and register at both of these places.  It was exhausting!  But I know a lot about raising babies now…I think…

We also had a fun little experience last night.  I’m 23 weeks pregnant today.  I just started feeling kicks a couple of weeks ago because the placenta was in front of my uterus and when Carter kicked, he was kicking the placenta, therefore I couldn’t feel it for a while.  It was cool to be able to feel it, but I knew Justin couldn’t so I never had him put his hand on my stomach to see if he could feel it.  Last night we were sitting on our back porch and Carter was going CRAZY.  So I said to Justin “I wonder if you’d be able to feel this yet”.  He put his hand on my stomach and Carter made a pretty big kick and Justin said “I felt that!” and then Carter kicked again and Justin said “and that!”.  I never told him it was a kick, he felt it on his own and said it, no prompting needed.  I couldn't stop smiling…I was so glad Justin was finally able to feel him.  I know it’s hard to understand, but Justin feeling him was one of  those milestones that to me, made this pregnancy more real than it already was.  It was so awesome!

So now I officially only have 29 things left on my 101 list.  I’m certain that most of them will roll into a new 101 list, but hopefully I can check some more off before the deadline in February 2012.


Jenny said...

YAY for crossing all of these off your to do list! I have been wanting to make one of these lists but I doubt I can come up with 101 things! LOL!

I will be going to Babies R Us soon!

Feeling the baby kick is one thing I look most forward too about being pregnant! =)

Can't wait to see the pictures of the house! I know y'all are excited and exhausted! I agree moving does suck!

Hope you have a great week!

Melissa said...

Way to go, girl! You definitely better get those things marked off before that baby gets here. :)

I have decided that at the half way mark of my 101 Things list that I am revising...getting rid of things I'm no longer interested in or I know won't happen and adding things that are more realistic...is this following the rule? Probably not, but it's my list, so I make my own rules, right?

The Lobdell's said...

The house looks so clean now!!