Saturday, February 6, 2010

#16 - CHECK!

Another thing off the list! And this one was DEFINITELY one that I wanted to do. Number 16 on my list was to get new countertops for our kitchen. When I moved into Justin's house, he had bright white appliances and blue countertops. It was absolutely awful. Upgrading to all stainless steel appliances is also on the list, but we still need one so I can't knock that off yet. Feast your eyes up what once was...


And now...



Justin and our friends Trevor and Wade worked on it for hours! When I got home from work I was completely shocked to find out that Justin had already bought a stainless dishwasher, something we were going to hold off on doing for a little bit. We already had a stainless stove and microwave, so we needed a sink, dishwasher and fridge. We knew we'd get the sink when we got the countertops because you have to install them together. When Justin realized that he had to take out the dishwasher to install the new countertops, he figured he'd rather not have to do that twice and just went ahead and bought us one.

Some pics of the boys hard at work...



Like I said, we are waiting on buying a fridge to be able to knock the all stainless kitchen appliances off the list. We haven't picked out the exact fridge, but we know what basic kind we want.


We know we want the double door with the bottom freezer and we've found a couple we like. We won't make this purchase until after we get back from Africa. Right now most of our funds are going to save for that bad boy! After we get back from Africa, we will purchase the fridge along with replacing the carpet in the living room with hardwood floors, another thing on my 101 List. I can't wait to see what our house is going to look like when we're finished with it. We're also planning on buying new dining room furniture and a new coffee and end tables for the living room. YAY for re-decorating :)


Lauren said...

The kitchen looks fab! I have a friend who works for GE and can get you the friends and family price for your fridge purchase. Let me know if you're interested in a GE fridge. Lindsey and Justin bought theirs through him and (I believe) are happy with it.

A Bride In Boots said...

Holy Countertops! They look wonderful, and I am super impressed the boys did it themselves. Can't wait to see the Marcie version of the new kitchen!