Sunday, October 18, 2009

# 70 - CHECK!

# 70 on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days was to go to a Hoover High School football game for kicks. On Friday night, Justin and I decided to go to the Hoover vs. Vestavia game. It was VERY strange to be at the met watching Hoover play. We felt so incredibly old! All the kids there looked like they were 12 and I couldn't help but wonder "did we look like that when we were that age"? I think not. I still have tons and tons of videos from when Jen (my sister) and I danced at half-time at the Hoover games (we were both Hoover Buccanettes all through high school) and we were NOT that small! I think we actually looked like we were seniors in high school, but maybe I'm bias.

I only was able to get one picture of the half-time show and it's kind of blurry because its from my phone. I must say, I was slightly disappointed in the current dance team. They weren't very entertaining at all. Things that Hoover's dance team was known for doing during half-time weren't done. The kickline in the center of the field in the front was no longer in the center, it was on the side and it lasted maybe 5 seconds. The signature "jump into the splits" that the buccanettes did at the end of their feature was also not done, probably because THEY NO LONGER HAVE A FEATURE!!!! Oh how much has changed in the last 10 years. As sad as I am to say this, the colorguard was WAY more entertaining.

On Saturday we went over to our friends, the Lobdells, house to watch the day games. About halfway into the Florida/Arkansas game, we all decided we wanted smores, so we came to our house (we have a firepit to cook smores over) and grilled some steaks from Mr. P's and then enjoyed the long awaited smores :)

It was so cold outside, that I had to pull out the old Snuggie :) We got this as a wedding gift (and as a joke) from Justin's old fraternity brother, Scott, who flew in from Dallas to come to our wedding.

We were jokingly talking about how we were going to go from wearing snuggies on Saturday to bikinis on Thursday for our CRUISE TO MEXICO!!!! We are so unbelievably excited. 4 more days!!


Heather, David and Delaney! said...

Hey! First I love the snuggie! I went to the game friday night too! I wish I would have run into you guys.. David coached Varsity last year so it was weird going back w him not coaching but anyway... I will have to say yall were alot more entertaining as a dance team and the halftime show was much better! From what I have been told the seniors all got mad about something last year and quit so most of the girls are JV dance team and its just not the same.. anyway glad you guys are doing good!

kristi said...

love the snuggie :)