Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#33, #61, #62 Check!

I can mark three more things off my 101 things to do in 1001 days list! The first is #33, Updating facebook albums to delete old ones. Being the picture lover that I am, it was hard to decide which albums to take off. I had about 30 albums on facebook and I deleted 11 or so. I'm down to 19!! Of course that is going to go up as the wedding draws closer and more events start happening. For starters, Lindsey Owens' wedding extravaganza starts on Friday and her wedding is on Saturday. My bridal tea is also on Sunday and my bachelorette party is next weekend. LOTS of pictures to come!!!

#61 was to Join Twitter. I must say, I was very hesitant to do this. I already am on facebook, myspace, and have a blog. One more social website would be stupid....and it is. I'm not a fan of Twitter. It's like facebook, but only for the status'. You only see what people put up as their status for the day....that's it. Nothing special at all. The only reason I like twitter is because you can follow people and see their updates. For example, I follow the shows Lost, The Office and So You Think You Can Dance. A lot of times, they'll put up status' about a show before it airs or put up gossip info about the people that star in the show. You can tell which celebrities have twitter and it is actually fun watching them put stuff up. I also follow Lauren Conrad and she has some funny thoughts. Because I'm obviously obsessed with the Twilight book series, I am also following New Moon (the sequel to Twilight that comes out in November). I love following them because they put up pictures of the cast filming the new movie, so that's really fun to see. Other than those things, I think twitter is kind of pointless.

#62 was to get a professional massage. I have NEVER had a professional massage before. I know. I'm crazy. Justin gave me a gift card to Santa Fe Day Spa for my birthday this year and with it I bought a 90 minute Swedish massage. It was UNREAL! I may be addicted to massages now!

So I'm getting married in less than 2 months now. How crazy is that??? I still can't believe it! I actually did a ton of wedding related stuff the past two days. I have made final appointments with the florist, caterer, DJ, and cake lady and Justin has booked the horse and carriage that will take us from B&A Warehouse to our hotel at the Tutwiler. (That was actually Justin's idea, shockingly! He proposed to me in a horse and carriage and he thought it would be a good idea to use one as we leave our wedding!) My bridal tea is this Sunday, my bachelorette party/lingerie shower is next weekend, my bridal portraits are at the end of June and my last shower is at the beginning of July. It's all coming so quickly! It really hit me on Monday afternoon when Justin and I went to his parents house to stuff invitation envelopes to get them ready to mail out. They will be mailed in a week and a half. Something about looking at your wedding invitation.....YOUR WEDDING INVITATION! I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it really hit me then.

LILLIAN AND CRAIG HAVE A WEDDING WEBSITE!!! Click here to go to their site. Lillian is one of my bridesmaids and was my Nashville BFF when I was living there. She managed to get me through my last year living in the country capital of the world! Lillian was the first friend of mine that Justin met and I was one of the firsts that Craig met, and I'm his favorite ;)

Today's Prayer Requests:

1) Anonymous friend of mine. A friend of mine is really starting to find out who her real friends are. This happens to everyone at some point, and it is happening to her now. Pray that God gives her strength to cope.

2) May 30th - Pray for good fortune on May 30th. My life long friend is getting married so please pray that the weather is perfect, the setting is perfect and that in general, the whole day is perfect for her.


Lillian said...

Look at all your checks! I thought I was doing well getting a website going and then I read your email and see all the things I have yet to do! It's so exciting though that we're going through the fun stuff together! Can't WAIT until next weekend - though I highly doubt you're going to want to post pictures of that...