Monday, October 15, 2012

i-Phone Dump and Carter Update

I feel like now that I’ve got this fabulous phone, I never take pictures with  my actual camera anymore.  I must work on this!  Here’s the i-phone dump from last week/weekend:


Seriously he can NEVER make it home from Mother’s Day Out.  He is still only taking 20-30 minute naps while at the church which means that as soon as someone comes to get him, he is out like a light when he gets put in the car.  I’m starting to think those naps are just going to stay like that.  The ladies say that he’s not fussy or anything, he just doesn’t sleep long because he doesn’t want to miss anything. 


We had people over to our house to watch the games this weekend and I decided to make some fun cupcakes.  They aren’t beautiful by any means…I had a hard time making the spider webs perfect on such a small plane.  But they were still pretty yummy!


Daddy was helping him do some baby pull ups in the garage.  Check out that form!!!  Pointed toes and all!  I told my friend Tiffany this week that I wanted to take some pictures of us and our friends this weekend because now that we’ve all had babies, it seems like all of our pictures are of them and we never take pictures with our friends anymore.  That said…I didn’t take one single picture.  Failure, I know.  Maybe next time.


Now this cracks me up.  I looked at the monitor and had enough time to snap this picture before he moved to another position.  How weird is this?!?!  His left hand is bent backwards touching his back.  Kid sleeps weird.  For real.

Couple of videos of my sweet laughing baby boy:

My husband posted this on facebook so if you’re friends with him, you’ve probably already seen it, but here’s a video of him laughing at the Giz.  She was playing with a sock and Carter LOVES watching her play with things.

Another swinging video.  I have no idea why he laughs so hard while swinging, but it cracks me up!!!

Quick update on Carter.  He not only says “dada”, but now he says “nana” and “baba”.  I’m anxiously waiting to hear that first “mama”.  I’m trying so hard with him.  I am doing my best to understand that the other words are easier for babies to say than “m”s are, but it still hurts a little inside that he’s saying several words now but “mama” isn’t one of them :(  He originally said “nana” on Saturday when I was feeding him bananas.  But I know his Nana (Justin’s mom) has been practicing with him on saying it so I don’t know if he thinks Nana is related to her or to the bananas.  He just randomly started saying “baba” on Sunday.  That’s what we call his bottle.  But he’s said it before when he wasn’t around a bottle, so I’m not sure he associates the two together yet.

We also need a baby gate now.  Carter has never showed interest in the stairs before but yesterday while I was folding laundry in the laundry room, Carter was in the floor playing with Gizmo and several seconds passed before I realized I hadn’t heard either of them make noise so I came out of the laundry room and Carter was standing on the first step and leaning his hands onto the second step.  Of course I told him no and removed him.  I mentioned in my baby proofing post that I would not baby proof my entire house, but I do feel that a baby gate on the steps is necessary.  He could get seriously injured if he fell, so I’ll have to go get a gate this week.  It is worth noting that even though he was on the step, Gizmo was at the base of the stairs watching him as if saying “I got this mom, I’ll take care of him if he falls”.  Love those two together.

Carter truly understands what the head shaking back and forth saying “no” means.  He knows that when he’s doing something and I say “No Carter” that I will also be shaking my head back and forth while saying it.  The past several days during meal times if he is done eating and gets full, he shakes his head back forth when I try to put a bite in his mouth.  He’s telling me he’s done and doesn’t want anymore.  I’m loving that he is figuring out how to communicate with me!!


Fiona aka DRMama said...

I love his laugh!!! So adorable! Alidia stopped what she was doing and just starred up at my screen when I played the video of him swinging... I think she has a crush! ;)

He looks like such a big boy doing those pull ups!

Mmmm those cupcakes look soo tasty! Makes me want to make some too!

Melis said...

That has been my problem the last few years, I only take pictures on my iPhone! At least they develope OK. :)

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I have to remind myself to use my good camera too. My cell phone takes wonderful pics. But I have a fancy camera that takes even better pics. Hehe.