Monday, March 11, 2013

The GORGEOUS Weekend

If you live in Alabama, chances are you were outside at some point over the weekend.  With the sun shining and the highs in the upper 60’s low 70’s, I think most of us stepped out from the winter funk and enjoyed the weather.  Not to mention that time change happened, causing it to be daylight longer, which was FABULOUS. 

On Friday, we got our brand new golf cart.  The one we used to have was actually my mom’s and since she was in the process of moving, she needed somewhere to store it until she got all her stuff packed away and such.  We gladly offered to store it in our garage.  Carter LOVED it.  It was one of his favorite things to do.  Back then, he was less than a year old and he still fit in the Baby Bjorn carrier on my chest, so usually that’s where he was during the golf cart ride.  Then winter came and it was too cold to use it and that’s when we gave it back to my mom.  With these recent spurts of great weather we’d been having, we knew we would want one again when spring time came so we started looking.  As soon as we got our tax refund, that’s what it went to.  The new cart got delivered on Friday and we took it for a stroll around our neighborhood and the neighboring Ross Bridge.  We went to visit my friend Ashley that lives there and she snapped this picture of us.  Our first golf cart ride as a family on OUR golf cart :)


On Saturday, Justin went to Oak Mountain to run 20 miles.  During that time we had extremely beautiful weather, so Carter and I decided to go around the neighborhood, but this time in his Radio Flyer wagon.  This was the first time he’d been in it and he loved it as well.  This kid just loves all things outside.  Honestly, our entire weekend was spent outside.


It was a little windy that morning so that’s why I still had him in the long sleeves. 

Once Justin got home, we went on another golf cart ride.  It was a quick one because we had to come back home so momma could get ready.  A long time friend of mine and Justin’s was getting married that night so my mom watched Carter-man while we attended the wedding.


Me and Justin on the left.  This was actually taken mid-laugh for us both.  On the right is the girls in the photobooth.  This fabulous photo booth during a wedding idea became popular after Justin and I got married.  I think that was the time when people just started doing it but it wasn’t very popular yet, like it is now.  I LOVE the photobooth!!  We had so much fun.  Justin and I did some pictures in there too but I didn’t take a picture of them for some reason.


Would you believe my iPhone took a picture this good??  Crazy!!!  Anyway, these are all the high school guys.  They referred to themselves during high school as “Da Boyz”.  The Bronco in the background is Bob’s (his actual name is Michael but we’ve all called him Bob since middle school) Bronco that he had in high school.  He sold it to someone he knew with the conditions that he be able to borrow it when he wanted.  What a great occasion to bring it back into the group…his wedding day :)  Some of these guys I see on a normal basis and others of them I haven’t seen in 10+ years.  It was great to be around all of them again.

We went to pick up Carter from my mom’s after the wedding and brought him home and put him straight to bed.  I was worried because by the time he went down it was 8:30pm Saturday, which was 9:30pm Sunday!  Fortunately, he took the time change like a champ and didn’t wake up until just after 8am the next day. 

He woke up and we played a bit downstairs.  We went outside and played in the backyard too.  We never really play in the backyard, especially recently because it’s been so cold.  But I figured it was time to let him enjoy it.  Again, 70 degrees.  Amazing.  He ran all over the yard and enjoyed pointing to trees and saying “Bur” which is Carter talk for “bird”.  I put him down for his first nap and was hoping he’d sleep well because we were meeting Tiffany and her baby boy Harper at the zoo after his nap.  I had to wake him from his nap :(  I hate disturbing such innocent sleep.


But as soon as he heard me open his sock drawer he shot up faster than I have ever seen.  Huge smile on his face like he knew we were about to go somewhere fun!  I got him dressed and we left the house to meet the Lobdell’s.  I brought the Radio Flyer wagon since he liked it so much.  Harper and Carter both sat in it towards the beginning of the walk around the zoo.  Eventually Harper moved to his stroller so he could nap while we were walking around. 


He had a blast at the zoo!  He particularly likes the train ride.  Kid loves the wind in his face, what can I say. 


We tried several times to get a pic of all four of us and this is the best we could get!

We went home and I put Carter down for nap number 2.  He slept over 2 hours and woke up with some INSANE hair.


You know it’s been a good nap when the hair shows it ;)

When he woke up we went on another golf cart ride and before you know it, it was bed time.  I had so much fun with my little man this weekend.  We love the outdoors!

**If you’re on Instagram and are friends with me, you’ve seen most of these pictures.  Sorry for the repetitiveness!**


Jamie said...

Sounds like a great picture! Love your dress you wore to the wedding! :)

Joy said...

We had a wonderful weekend outside, too. I LOVED the weather, and hope it continues. Of course, today it's all rainy and nasty, but at least it didn't happen this weekend, right? #thesilverlining

Carter is sooo precious! So glad y'all got some mommy and me time since you've been working so much. And his facial expressions crack me up! Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!

Fiona said...

This sounds like such a great weekend!! I am glad you got some warm weather to enjoy the outdoors and your new golf cart. Sounds like so much fun. I love Carter's little red wagon. I might have to get one for Lids. Does he just stay put or is he strapped in? I would worry Alidia would try to stand up and get out while moving!

Loved all of this photos!! :) He is just so cute!

Chelley N said...

You all looked great for the wedding. We planned to spend a lot of time outside this weekend, but our weather didn't cooperate :-(. Hopefully soon... we are getting serious spring fever over here!

Meg {henninglove} said...

these photos are absolutely adorable, i love how he shot right up when he heard his sock drawer opened, that is too cute!

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