Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Almost There…

We are so close with walking!  Has anyone experienced a walker before a stander?  Carter still can’t stand for long periods on his own.  I’m still working with him on that too.  But he walks very well with his walker and with holding on to furniture or me or Justin.  Of course I got a video recently.  Please excuse my loud voice…he likes it when I cheer him on.  It makes him feel accomplished and more likely to do whatever he was doing again. 

Also, you may notice he is in a bad mood in this video.  This was taken two nights ago when I first started wondering if he was getting sick because of the way he was acting.  This was confirmed when they sent him home from MDO yesterday because he was fussy and appeared to have a fever.  My MIL picked him up and took him to her house but she didn’t have a thermometer to check.  When I picked him up after work, I took him home and took his temp.  I took several readings to make sure and 3 in a row were over 102, peaking at 102.5.  POOR BABY!

This is the first time Carter has had a high-grade fever.  I stripped him down to a diaper and gave him some juice.  I propped him up in his bouncy seat in front of the TV and let him watch back to back episodes of Baby Einstein, which I NEVER do.  He loves Baby Einstein, but I’m trying to limit his TV time so he only watches one episode a few times a week.  But I could tell he hurt so bad and I wanted to help him forget the pain, so I let him watch a couple of episodes. 

He slept all night and didn’t wake up until 8am this morning.  My plan was to take his temp when he woke up and if he still had a fever or was acting fussy, I was going to stay home with him today.  But he was acting ok when he woke up.  Fever was gone and even though his nose was still like Niagara Falls, he was much better than the night before.  So I took him to my MIL’s today.  I just called to check on him and she said she can tell that he is still not 100%, but she doesn’t think he has a fever either.  He ate all of his dinner last night (the solids) but barely ate any of his bottle before bed.  He also barely ate his bottle this morning.  I imagine that trying to eat from a bottle while your nose is stopped up is hard.  But he did eat his cereal with some avocados so at least he’s eating something.

Please just say a prayer for my Boo Boo that he feels better soon and will start eating a little bit better.  He’s already small for his age!!


Jenna E said...

wow! What a big strong boy!!! Such an exciting milestone.

I am so sorry to hear Carter isn't feeling well. I hope he is all cleared up soon xo

HickChickBritt said...

Oh poor baby! Hayes has never been sick, Knock on wood. Probably because he doesn't go anywhere, haha. Hayes started standing before he was walking, he actually started running before he was walking also, but I think it was just because he kept losing his balance so he would go faster to try to compensate for it.

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Look at him go! Love the look on his face when he hits the wall, like, "How did that get there?"

Hope he feels better soon!