Monday, September 26, 2011

My Big Fat Belly-27 Weeks

This one is a day early, but I’m going to be pretty slammed this week with a  few things so I thought I’d go ahead and post it…that, and I haven’t posted on pregnancy in almost a month.  Bad blogger…I know.

I’m changing up my preggo posts.  I’m tired of doing the different categories that everyone does because they take so long to fill out and some of them don’t even apply so instead I’m just going to write about whatever I want and what’s going on with me.

This time I’ll start with my 27 weeks pic…photographer out of town again, apologies.

27 weeks

The picture is awful, I’m sorry.  But it’s all I can do for now.  Yes, this is the new bathroom.  I’ll post pics on the new house hopefully this week or this weekend.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while since we’ve finally gotten almost everything set up, I just haven’t had time.

So what’s going on now?  Well, I went to my 26 week appointment on Friday and finally got to see my actual doctor.  I’ve been passed around the practice the past 6 months because they want me to see all the doctors that could possibly deliver Carter, which I greatly appreciate.  I haven’t seen Hudson since the first appointment at week 5 so I was glad to see him and his nurse again.  Everything is great.  Weight, belly growth, and baby are all on track.  That appointment was also my glucose screening.  I had to get there earlier than normal, a 7:45am appointment.  I wasn’t allowed to eat anything up until then, which is comparable to the apocalypse for a pregnant woman. 

When I got there, I had to drink 5 oz. of the infamous orange drink.  I honestly don’t know why so many women have complained about this drink.  The after taste isn’t wonderful of course, but it sort of tasted and smelled like Sunkist, one of my personal favorite soft drinks.  And 5 oz. is barely anything at all, almost like a really big shot.  The way I’ve heard horror stories of this test made me think I had to drink a liter of this stuff, so I was pleasantly surprised it was only 5 oz. 

After drinking the fun juice, we had to go to my normal doctor appointment.  This took longer than normal for some reason.  The waiting room was jam-packed so tight that people were standing outside because there wasn’t a seat.  The receptionists all looked frazzled so it looked like they forgot a bunch of patients had appointments that day.  I finally got called back to do a finger stick and then they put me in my room to wait to see my doctor.  By the way, since it’s really only females that read this, I don’t mind being blunt….it’s really difficult to pee in a cup when you can no longer see your va-jay-jay.  Just some fun FYI.  Sorry if it produced a mental picture.

It seemed like an eternity that we had to wait on my doctor to show up.  Of course this is probably because I had been awake for 3 hours with no food and 30 seconds seemed like 20 minutes to me.  Nurse finally came in and took my blood pressure and we heard the heart beat, both of which were fine.  The doctor finally came in after her and measured my belly.  I talked to him briefly about an issue I’ve noticed lately.  In the middle of my stomach, I keep getting this stiffness that really hurts when I touch it.  I’ve had friends say that it could be Carter’s butt since their butts tend to be the hardest body part.  However, doc said it was probably his heel jabbing my stomach.  Not that he was kicking, but he would stick his heel in this one position and leave it there all day, leaving me quite uncomfortable.  I’m ok with this though, because if this is true, it means that Carter has started to turn out of the breech position and into the head down position.

We scheduled my next appointment which is at 30 weeks and is on October 21st.  This is the appointment where we will have the 4D ultrasound.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!  I haven’t seen Carter since I was 18 weeks pregnant and it’ll be another 4 weeks before I get to see him again, so I am very ready to see how much bigger he’s gotten, and to see him in 4D so that I can make out his facial features better.  27 weeks marks the beginning of month 7 and at 28 weeks, I will officially be 2/3 of the way done with this little thing called pregnancy.  I’ll finally be in trimester number 3.  I can’t believe this is all flying by so fast.  So anyway, after leaving my normal doctor appointment, I went back to the lab to give blood so they could do the sugar test.  My husband, God bless him, can’t be in hospitals or even look at needles or he’ll pass out.  I’m starting to wonder if he’ll be able to make it through the labor to see our son or if he’ll be face down on the floor when he finally comes out.  Only time will tell.  Justin couldn’t watch them take my blood so he had to wait outside.  The nurse said that if I don’t hear anything by Monday (today) that I passed the test and don’t have gestational diabetes.  I’m praying that I don’t get a phone call today.

As far as how I’m doing….I’m pretty good.  Carter kicks pretty frequently, but unfortunately, he doesn’t do it when I’m trying to get other people to feel it.  Justin is the only person that has been able to feel him kick and he’s only felt it a handful of times.  Anytime I try to get anyone else to feel it, he stops.  It’s like he doesn’t want anyone but his momma to experience it….and I’m ok with that!  The linea nigra has started to form, but I was apparently way off on the time line of when my belly button would pop out, because she’s still nicely tucked away in there.

Still no cravings of any kind really, I’m ok with all the same foods I was ok with before pregnancy.  My working out schedule rocks.  I usually walk the Giz around the neighborhood (2 miles) about 3 times a week and then do a pregnancy toning dvd afterwards.  Those 3 times are usually during the week.  On the weekends, I like long walks by myself, completing about 4 miles on both Saturday and Sunday either on the Mountain Brook trail or the trail that goes from James Hill into Ross Bridge.  Last week alone I burned 2,044 calories.  I’m not real sure I’m supposed to be burning that much though…maybe I should ask if that’s ok.  But it hasn’t affected us yet, so I figure it’s good for me and for Carter.

While driving home the other day Justin said “I wonder if Giz will try to take Carter’s toys”.  Ummmm…holy crap.  Didn’t even think of that.  Anyone else have a dog that tried to play with the kids toys??  How do we keep her away from Carter’s things?  That may be a trial and error type thing to figure out.  Carter’s bedding came in and so did most of the furniture, so his room is close to being set up, but we’re still waiting on some things.  The glider hasn’t been delivered yet and we also still need to get a night stand along with a few décor related items.  Because of this, I probably won’t put up pictures of the nursery when I make the post on the new house, because I really want a lot more to be done first.

Lots of dates are coming up quickly.  On October 4th, I’ll be in my third trimester.  October 21st is the 30 week appointment and 4D ultrasound (this also marks the last appointment in a 4 week series…after this appointment, all appointments will be every two weeks and eventually every week until he’s here).  October 23rd are my maternity pictures that my sister Lindsey is doing on the Ross Bridge trails.  October 30th is my first baby shower, hosted by some fabulous ladies at our church.  The very next weekend is my second baby shower, hosted by three of my best friends, Lindsey Owens, Tiffany Lobdell and Carina Sanchez.  The week after that, November 10th, is my third shower from my co-workers.  Also some time in November, Justin’s friends are throwing him a baby shower.  I have NEVER heard of this before, but apparently, some guys throw “Beer for Diapers” showers.  Trevor Lobdell and Justin Yarbrough are hosting and inviting all of Justin’s good friends and everyone has to bring diapers and the hosts will provide beer.  Genius.

So we’re about to get REALLY busy.  I’m hoping it won’t be another 3 weeks before my next belly post, but honestly there’s just no telling.  Oh and the worst part of it all….I was waiting on someone at the doctors office to tell me to sign up for classes.  When I called and asked about it, they said the information was in the packet they gave me when they confirmed my pregnancy (literally haven’t looked at this packet since that day).  Turns out, I was supposed to sign up for childbirth and breastfeeding classes no later than month 5.   I’m in month 7 now.  Oops.


A Wedding Story said...

OH girlfriend, if you think 27 weeks is a big, fat belly...just wait until week 34+. I FEEL HUGE!

Anonymous said...

I SO remember trying to pee in a cup with the ole belly! Fun times!

Jenny said...

So happy to hear you are and baby Carter are doing good!

Beer and Diapers is a great idea!

Have a great week friend! =)

Allison said...

I'm glad you and Carter are doing so well. You look great! I hope that you have a good next few weeks. You guys are going to LOVE the 4D ultrasound. It's awesome!!