Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday

Since I haven’t done one of these posts in years….

Found this ole gem on youtube the other day.  I have a channel that I upload videos to constantly so now, I have over 120 videos.  The other day I started looking through them and saw this.  Oh the good ole days.  I was a freshman in high school in this video and it was at the UDA competition at the University of Alabama in 1997.  15 years ago.  Wow.  And apologies that my mom felt the need to zoom in on me every chance she got.  Kinda makes seeing the whole dance hard.  Can we talk for just a minute about those socks???  I mean…WOW.

This is at least a little more recent (yet still about 11 years old).  I was a senior in this one.  You can’t miss me.  I’m the one with the BLEACH blonde hair.  What was I thinking??  As I went back to watch these and it hit 4:43, I thought to myself “wow…pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to have another kid if I had to do that again”.  I took a lot of pride in how our team did during our senior year fieldshow because I helped choreograph it.  Even the flag parts, and I was AWFUL at flags.  Ugh.  Again, apologies for the constant zooming in by the madre.

I’ve only discussed dance team twice during my blog and they were both flashback friday posts.  You can see the other one with more pictures and videos here.  This is interesting to me because dance was pretty much my life from 5th grade all the way to college.  But then life happens and the real world sets in and you just don’t have time for those fun things anymore :(

On an unrelated note, I am officially in party planning mode.  That’s right.  I am now planning my son’s first birthday party.  I remember when I was pregnant and thinking that there was no way I was going to be one of those mom’s that has a huge production party for every birthday.  Well, that was then, and this is now and I am SO excited for what I’m planning for his party.  Not giving anything away yet, but it’s going to be so cute and SO fun.  Usually party invitations for birthday parties and such go out about 2 weeks in advance, but since Carter’s birthday is around Christmas, I think I’m going to send them out before Thanksgiving (his party is on December 15th).  I know there’s numerous Christmas parties for work and friends and families and I want to try to get his party on people’s calendar as early as possible!  But at the same time, I understand that his birthday is at a time of year when people are so busy so I will understand if a bunch of people don’t make it.  It’s just the nature of a  December birthday :)


Melissa said...

I love this! As a former cheerleader, I have to say that seeing stuff like this makes me happy! BTW, we had the SAME EXACT uniforms as you were wearing in the first video! Hilarious!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh wow!! This is so fun to see!! :) You were a great dancer!

Excited to hear about Carter's 1st birthday! Sounds exciting!