Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tacky Christmas Party

This weekend, Justin and I along with our friends Tiffany and Trevor Lobdell hosted a small Tacky Christmas Party for our friends. We had so much fun and everyone was very interestingly dressed to say the least! Pictures will sum it all up...


These are all the girls. Our outfits are rockin aren't they? For the girls, I would have to say that Robin Ennis wins the tacky award with that wicked awesome vest!


My cupcakes turned out pretty good! Now if I could just learn to cook real food and not desserts, I might make a half decent wife :)


Justin's outfit turned out pretty darn good! He picked it out himself! Well, actually Tiffany picked out the Santa "Believe" shirt, but Justin got the rest.


This is Robin, Ashley, Allyson and myself. Ashley and Allyson and I use to live together when we were in college at Alabama. Some of my greatest memories are with them in those days :)


How sweet are Tiffany and Trevor??? They got this building for my Christmas village as a gift for Justin and I. It's a scuba diving shop!!! So cool!

We had so much fun that night! Not to mention a certain Alabama player received the Heisman!!! It was a great night to say the least!


The Williamson's said...

OKAY! Spill the beans. How did you make that header and how did you get your template like that. I tried to work on ours the other day but I didn't get very far. I love your new layout and header!!