Thursday, December 17, 2009

Office Pranks

This is SO blog worthy! Me and a girl I work with, Melanie, decided to pull a prank on another co-worker, Mark. Melanie and Mark constantly pull pranks on eachother all the time, but they hadn't done anything to eachother in a while, so we thought it was the perfect time. He was out of the office doing an inventory, so we took advantage and did a little something to his office. Pictures will sum it all up..






It was a good day :)


Lauren K. said...

hilarious!!!!!!!! Mark has a really clean and neat desk... I should clean up my desk.

The Langham's said...

hahaha. Next you should put his stapler and other office supplies in Jello like Jim did to Dwight on The Office. How funny!

Justin and Marcie said...

Funny you say that Abby...Melanie put Mark's cell phone in the ceiling and then called it non-stop til he went crazy trying to find it!!