Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Amelia Strauss Challenge

An interesting thing happened yesterday. My friend and wedding photographer, Amelia Strauss, whose name is obviously no stranger to this blog as I constantly rave about her all the time, has presented herself with a challenge. You can read about it here. Basically, Amelia has set a goal that for one month, starting yesterday, she would blog every time I blog. This all started because Amelia knows how much I LOVE reading her blog. She puts up pictures from her sessions whether they are weddings, engagement sessions, children, etc. I love looking at her pictures because she is just so darn talented! Lately though, she has been a "blog slacker" as she calls it. She recently moved to Los Angeles (sad, I know) so I imagine she hasn't had a lot of free time to keep the rest of us blog stalkers updated.

Anyway, Amelia's goal is to make a blog post every time I make one from yesterday through January 21, 2010. First off, as soon as I told Justin this, his response was "you need to make this as hard as possible for her" (jokingly of course). My response to Amelia was that I saw multiple posts in a day in my future. Truth be told, Amelia may get pretty lucky with this one. After the new year starts, so does my busy season and I won't have as much free time, so blogging in January may be a little hard. The only time I ever actually sit down and update my blog is when I have a few free minutes at work. I rarely do it when I'm at home. That free time will soon be nonexistent. However, I will be updating as much as possible for the sole purpose of getting Amelia to update as much as possible with the work she's been doing. So basically what I am saying is this...you'll have to pardon me for 30 days, because I may get annoying with the blog posts.

Amelia, I have a request. I made this post early today so you would have all day to come up with a post. I request to see more pictures of the couple in the 4th and 7th picture on your blog post from yesterday. I heart her facial expression when she laughs!

May the blogging war begin friend.