Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Mark Children's Christmas Play

Last night at church we had the annual Children's Christmas Play. There were about 30 kids total that were involved and it was so much fun to work with them. My sister-in-law and I were the dance teachers and my mother-in-law was one of the sign language teachers.

This is practice right before the performance. You can see Debbie going over the sign language with the kids.

This is right when the curtain opened. Basically, the idea of the play was revolved around gifts. Each child in the play represented a toy in a toy store. When the shop keepers leave for the night, the toys come to life. Sound like a familiar movie (i.e. Toy Story)?

These are the sign language kids. They signed the song "Silent Night".

These cutie-pies are the youngest kids in the choir. That little girl in pink in the middle is so stinkin' adorable! She kept waving to the audience.

One of the main characters was one of our dancers, Karla Turner. She was a bunny that was left in the store because she had a rip and ended up getting put on the discount table. She got a "make-over" and became a Christmas Bunny and sold.

The beautiful little girl (who I must admit is one of my favorite girls) is Madison Todd. She played a kitten and was also one of our dancers.

Another one of our dancers (who is also such a cutie and pleasure to be around), Olivia Martin, portraying a ladybug.

At the end of the play they express that the greatest gift of all is the gift we all got from God, Jesus. This is Elizabeth Baker portraying the virgin Mary. There are actually two angels that are next to Mary that were also dancers, Ashlyn is shown in the picture to Mary's right, but Olivia is not.

I posted the video of the dance section of the play below. These girls worked so hard and they only had 2 weeks to learn this dance, even though its a relatively short routine. And by two weeks, I mean one day in each of those weeks for only 45 minutes per day, so I guess a more accurate way of saying it is an hour and a half. They did such a good job and Jenn and I were both so proud of them. You will probably recognize the song. It's actually the music to "When the Saints Go Marching In", but just with different words.


John M. said...

I've actually been looking for this play. Do you have the publishing company or where i could find this play?