Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Ok so the Thanksgiving post is a little late. I've been busy, sorry! On Thanksgiving day, Justin and I (with the Giz in tow) went to his parents house for lunch with Debbie and Gordon along with Miss Marie, a member of our church and close friend. Gizmo likes Miss Marie a lot. She gives her a bunch of doggie bones. After lunch, we hauled over to the boonies (Chelsea) to my mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner, except we didn't really eat because we were so full already. We actually didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving day at all. I came back to my mom's house the next day to watch the Iron Bowl. Obviously Justin and I don't watch that game together :)

My sister, Jennifer, and her husband were downstairs in Mike's man cave watching the game with other Auburn fans while myself along with my other sister Lindsey and her husband watched the game upstairs. There were kids all over the place! Little Lydia was wearing her Alabama cheerleading outfit and Anderson was wearing his Alabama jersey. My other nephew, Bastian, was also present and switched between Auburn and Alabama gear. I love all those kids! Here's a couple of pics from the day:

All of those kids are adorable! We also had two more little ones there that I somehow managed to NOT get a single picture of!!!! Conner and Hayden are the kids of Shawn and Renn Carroll (Shawn is Mike's nephew). Hayden pretty much attached herself to me the whole weekend. On Sunday, we went to Bastian's Christening and when I left I was saying goodbye to Hayden and she just wouldn't let me go! It was so adorable. Here's a couple of pics from Bastian's Christening on Sunday:


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