Monday, December 31, 2012

Carter’s First Birthday Party

I’ve already discussed Carter’s birthday party before in a previous post.  I got the pictures from our photographer, Volree Wade, that was kind enough to photograph the party so that I wouldn’t have to worry about pictures!  Since I already discussed the details of the party in this post, I won’t rehash everything.  Instead, this will be just my favorite pictures.  She took over 100 and I love them all!!!!  But here’s some of my favorites from Carter’s “Winter WONEderland”.



Also, Volree did a GREAT slideshow!  You can see it here.


Joy said...

Awwww... such a great birthday party mom!! And wonderful pictures! Love that gray and yellow shirt (my favorite colors) and the sweet pictures with him walking towards the camera. Sweet little man!

Happy New Year y'all! Wishing a year full of sweet blessings to come your way! Talk to ya next year! ;)

Jenny Strickland said...

What an awesome idea to have a photographer for the party! I love that idea! I always seem to forgot to take pictures when I really need to!

I also love that gray and yellow shirt!!

Happy New Year friend!

Mrs. K said...

Great pictures! Happy birthday again, Little Mister Carter!! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful day. I love his party theme too, what a magnificent idea for a December birthday. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many amazing photos of his special day!! You will cherish these forever, I'm sure! I love the candid ones of people just doing there thing... like the one of Carter walking to his Grandma (if that is who that is)... so perfect!

Jamie said...

Love all the pictures, beautiful! :)
Happy New Year!!

Serge said...

When Carter is a wee bit older, I'm sure he'll enjoy browsing at these pictures! Belated Happy Birthday to your little man!