Monday, September 3, 2012

What They Don’t Prepare You For

When you get pregnant you get prepared for all kinds of things.  Learning about diaper changes.  The lack of sleep.  The constant crying.  The lack of “me” time.  There are so many things people tell you ahead of time and most of which you already know but nonetheless, you get the warnings from people. 

But the thing no one prepares you for is how your heart turns to complete mush when you have a child.  People prepare you for the days when your child will drive you absolutely bonkers that you literally want to pull your hair out.  But for all the hours and hours that you want to pull your hair out, all it takes is one glance of the sweetest image in the world and your heart turns into more mush.  People don’t prepare you for the love that comes with seeing your baby boy with his daddy in such a vulnerable state.  I got to see this yesterday.


Justin went to put Carter down for a nap yesterday and after quite a while, he still hadn’t come back downstairs.  I looked at the monitor and Carter wasn’t in the bed either.  Naturally, I went to investigate.  When I went into Carter’s bedroom, this is what I saw.  I wanted to cry for some reason.  I have seen this image a million times throughout Carter’s life.  But something about seeing this just made my heart sink.  You’re prepared to love your child so much it hurts.  But you’re not prepared to fall in love with your husband all over again in a completely different way.  He is such a great daddy to Carter and Carter lights up when he sees daddy.  It truly is the sweetest thing!


Renee said...

That is such a sweet picture!

Alli and Korey said...

Love this post and know exactly what you mean, nothing prepares you for how much deeper you will love your husband once you see him love your child. I only thought i loved k on our wedding day, its so much more now that we share 3 sons!