Monday, September 24, 2012

Good Walking Practice

Carter now pulls up on any and everything that he can and he LOVES to walk while holding onto something.  This weekend, Justin was running a race in Oregon so I had the little one to myself all weekend.  Since it was rather hot on Saturday, I decided to go to our neighborhood pool.  I was shocked that no one was there.  I know we’re pretty much out of pool season, but you know, it was 85 degrees so to me, that’s still pool season!!!  We had the entire pool to ourselves too!  I usually put Carter in a float and we get in the big pool together, but the water was a little cold for me so instead, I put his float in the baby pool.  That pool is only 1 foot deep so Carter could have literally stood in it if he wanted, but he used his float to find a more entertaining way of keeping busy:

Love him :)

On another note, today marks 4 weeks since I got off facebook.  Let me just tell you, it’s been pretty incredible.  I have no idea what is going on in other people’s lives and honestly, it’s rather freeing.  I don’t see the insane negative comments and slander going back and forth in my newsfeed due to football season, I don’t see complaints left and right about people’s jobs or families nor do I see those insanely crazy “please pay attention to me” type of status’.  I find that I am much happier, literally.  My mood has been so incredible because I am off facebook.  There have been moments though that I have wanted to bring my page back.  No addiction goes away without the desire to get that craving filled hanging over you like a cloud.  But honestly, the temptation has been so much less than I expected.  I have plenty of other things to keep me busy and I am truly just enjoying MY life instead of knowing what is going on in everyone else’s life.  Even if you get off facebook for just a week or even a month, I suggest it!


Lauren Kelly said...

Carter going to be vertical and on the move in no time!!

Good for you about fb and now you have to actually call me so we can catch up (and I'll try to update my blog more)!

Justin and Marcie said...

I am totally going to need you to jump back onto the blogging bandwagon!!! I need to see pictures of your face!! I'm still working on getting better at keeping in touch with people via phone instead of facebook. In all honestly, the hard part is just finding the time to pick up the phone. Since Justin is out of town all the time, I keep Carter by myself and it's hard to find even 20 minutes for myself. I usually wait until Carter goes to bed to have my dinner and by the time I'm done with dinner it's bedtime! I will call you though! Justin's in town this week so I know I can make time! Miss you!!!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

He is such a cutie!

Good for you with Facebook! I am sure it feels good. I use it a lot to spread the word when looking for volunteers for our non-profit but otherwise, I would love to try giving it up!

Laura Sue said...

He's a cutie! He's growing so fast! I respect you so much for becoming Facebookless. I use it too much out of boredum when I could be more productive! AND BLOG! lol if it weren't for keeping up with friends and family that live far off I think it wouldn't be difficult to just drop it but then again there was a time before Facebook when I didn't have a problem keeping up with them either. :)