Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday



**Note:  Mommy is NOT an Auburn fan.  Mommy is an Alabama fan.  However, I choose not to fight my husband on whether or not Carter will be an Alabama or Auburn fan because boys always follow in their daddy’s footsteps.  Also, Bama’s game was past Carter’s bedtime last weekend.  He WILL be sporting Bama gear this weekend.**


Melissa said...

Too cute! My BFF is a UT fan and her husband an Alabama fan. Their baby was wearing her UT onesie on Friday and her Bama one on Saturday! I asked what was going to happen when Tennessee and Bama both play on Saturday and she says Kennedy will wear neither. =)

Justin and Marcie said...

I know we've had the discussion of what onesie he'll wear during the AU/UA game, but Justin and I never watch that game together, so more than likely Carter will be with me wearing Bama gear at my mom's house or something. I have tried to find "baby divided" clothes, but can only find some on etsy and they're not very attractive :(

Fiona aka DRMama said...

What a little cutie sucking his thumb! :) Love his gear... although I am sure he looks just as cute in his Bama gear! ;)