Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Big Fat Belly - 38 Weeks

Yes, another week has passed and yes, I am still pregnant.  This sucks.  And it sucks bad.  I am so uncomfortable.  A lot of pregnant women talk about when that week is that they begin to be so miserable that they aren’t sure they can make it another week being pregnant and they get really emotional and cry frequently.  That’s week 38 for me.  The first time I cried was Monday when I got to work.  Luckily, no one at work saw me.  I closed my door and blinds so that no one could see.  I just called Justin and let it all out.  I was so uncomfortable and I’m not getting any sleep anymore.  I get a good 3 hours and that’s about it.  Part of it is due to the constant need to pee and the other part is due to my sciatic nerve that runs down my back and into my thigh.  That nerve causes whatever side I’m sleeping on at the moment to become numb to where it wakes me up and I have to switch sides.  This happens about every hour and a half when I sleep which means I do nothing but toss and turn and pee….all night long.  And then have to go to work the next day.  It’s getting unbearable.

Anyway, I had my 38 week appointment today and got the disappointing news that I am STILL 1cm and 50% effaced.  I was so sure I would have progressed because I’ve been having so many pains the past several days.  Whether they’re cramps, braxton hicks or just pressure as Carter was moving further down into my pelvis, I wasn’t sure.  But I knew that pain = something was happening.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for me.  On the brighter side of things, the doctor said that he didn’t want to wait a full week to see me again and wanted me to come in on Monday (I’ll be 39 weeks Tuesday) so that he could check me again.  He wants to induce next week as long as I’m at a point where he can break my water.  I don’t really know what point that is, but I’m getting the feeling he just wants me to be a little more than what I’m at now to induce.  It’s Saint Vincent’s policy to not induce prior to 39 weeks unless medically necessary so I’m guessing that’s why he wanted to see me Monday.  My guess is, he’ll check me Monday to determine if he can break my water and if he can, we’ll schedule an induction for one of the following days.  I don’t really want to go past the 22nd because in the 25% chance I’d have to have a c-section, I’ll be in the hospital for 3 days and that would put us coming home on Christmas Day and I’d rather be home by Christmas Eve.  Of course if that’s what happens, then it’s what happens.  I just want to try to avoid it if possible. 

I’m determined that the “could be any day now” phrase is the worst phrase ever because it gives you false hope.  By the way, the drive home from the doctor today was the second time I cried in this ridiculous emotional rollercoaster that is the final stages of pregnancy.  I was so hopeful that I would have been progressed more and was totally crushed when I wasn’t.  I weighed in this morning and I’m up to 33 pounds…which depresses me even more.  The longer I have to hold him in the more weight I’m going to gain that I have to lose.  Another bright side however is that I can still feel and see Carter moving all the time.  I have no idea how he hasn’t run out of room to where he can’t budge because my stomach is friggin rock hard…and not in the good “I have a six pack” kind of way.  The cool thing is that in the last week, I can feel certain body parts.  When Carter kicks me and leaves his foot there, I can feel the outline of the bottom of his foot from his heel to his toes (with my fingers).  That’s pretty awesome and puts a smile on my face every time.  Luckily, I still have no stretch marks and my belly button has still yet to pop.  I don’t think either of these things will happen before Carter makes his debut, so that’s good. 

38 Week Picture….and hopefully my LAST picture:

38 Weeks

Notice the pack-n-play set up and ready to go by the fireplace.  COME ON CARTER!!! 


Whitney said...

Not sure if it would help, but have you ever seen a chiropractor about your sciatic nerve? I saw one regularly during my last pregnancy (and this pregnancy so far). He would always adjust my lower back and ask me about my sciatic nerve. I never had any issues with my sciatic nerve. Could be coincidence, but I don't think it could hurt to try if you're miserable. Of course, it may be one of those things that's easier to prevent than reverse. Hang in there!

Allison said...

FYI...The night I went to the hospital in early labor with Brantley I was 1 1/2 cm and 80% effaced. By the morning, I was 2 cm and still 80% (I think). My doctor broke my water around 8:30 or 9:00 that morning. That being said, hopefully you don't have to do much more progressing before he would decide to break your water. I'm calling induction on Tuesday if you don't go into labor on your own before then. Regardless, I'm praying for you because I remember exactly how miserable you are. Oh and I delivered BR the day I turned 39 weeks. ALMOST!!!

stephanie said...


Honey B. said...

Yikes, 25% chance of csection??