Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New House Pictures….Finally

Yes, it is almost 2012 and we moved into our house in August 2011.  It’s been 4 months and I still haven’t put up pictures of our new house.  What a better time to do it though than when it’s decorated for Christmas!!!  Here’s the pics of our new home!!!


Living Room




More kitchen


Dining Room…with the Giz


View of the living room from the kitchen


Master bedroom.  We LOVE all the windows.  It was supposed to only be two windows, but we added a third and put them all together.  The Giz absolutely loves looking out these window into our backyard!


View of bedroom into bathroom


I love our shower!!!  Our whole bathroom rocks!!!


I take NIGHTLY baths in this bad boy


Bathroom into closet


Also love the size of our closet.  MUCH bigger than what we had before!


This is the spare bathroom downstairs.  It’s connects to the hallway by the dining room and to Justin’s “Man Room”


The “Man Room”


More Man Room


I love that the laundry room connects to the closet.  Another revision we did when we had plan review to build the house.  Justin refers to this as my room, since he has a man room.  It’s kind of amusing given that he does more laundry than I do!


View of the stairs/dining room/laundry room from the man room


The upstairs playroom in between Carter’s room and the upstairs spare bedroom


The upstairs bathroom in the playroom


Upstairs spare bedroom.  There’s not a lot going on in this room or the playroom because we just didn’t have the money and time to decorate these two rooms.  They aren’t priority right now so we just put enough furniture in them to get by.


And now for the big NURSERY REVEAL!!!


One of his newborn photos will go in the gigantic frame above the crib.  I love this frame!!!  Props also to my sister Lindsey who painted Carter’s letters for me!  Her husband and Justin hung all the things in the nursery after my mom’s side of the family celebrated Christmas at my house (last night).  So yeah, nursery has just now been finished…talk about waiting until the last minute!! 



The crib does have a bumper that goes with it, but I took it off for now because of the risk of SIDS.  Yes, the animals will come out as well when Carter eventually starts sleeping in it.

So that’s our new home!!!  There’s still a few updates and decorating that needs to be done but with a baby on the way, we just didn’t have the time or money to do it all the way we wanted to just yet.  As  for where we’re at on the arrival of our baby boy, our doctor appointment (MY 40 WEEK APPOINTMENT – YES, I am unfortunately one of the small percentage of people that is going to go over my due date) is today at 10am.  If I haven’t progressed past 1cm and 50% effaced, the doc wants to admit me to the hospital tonight to start me on a cervical ripening drug (either Cytotec or Cervidil, not sure which yet) that will work over night to thin me out more and dilate me more so that he can break my water Wednesday morning and hopefully I’ll be holding Carter by the end of the day tomorrow.  Please keep myself, Justin and Carter in your prayers.  The question I’ve been getting the most of lately is “are you nervous or scared about giving birth?”.  I can’t really explain it, but no.  I just want him here so badly that I am willing to do anything to get him out.  If I have to do it naturally, so be it.  I just want him here.  “I can do anything for one day”.  That’s a quote from the teacher of our childbirth class and I just love it!


Jenny said...

Love it! And I know Carter will too!