Friday, May 13, 2011

And The Twins Are

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this either.  Jennifer (my sister-in-law) told my MIL that her appointment to find out the sex of the twins was on May 2nd (when Justin and I were out of town).  However, Jen’s a pretty good liar.  She actually had her appointment the week before that and right before we all went to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday, we headed over to Debbie and Gordon’s house first.  Justin and I knew that Jen had found out the sex, but we didn’t know what the sex was.  Jen gave Debbie a cute little bag and had her open it before we went to eat dinner that night.  (Sorry the video is dark, there wasn’t a lot of lights on in the house because Debbie just had eye surgery and she’s really sensitive to a lot of light.)




Debbie is one excited soon to be Nana!!


Sh said...

So glad you thought to record and post this! Thanks!