Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding Slideshow and poem

I'm interrupting the honeymoon posts to upload the slideshow we played at our rehearsal dinner. I almost had a heart attack the night of the rehearsal dinner because it wouldn't play in our room at the Club. Justin, my mother-in-law and I all went to the Club the day before and played it just fine with no complications, so I was definitely surprised when the player was messed up. They tried to fix it for about half an hour before finally telling us to just move to another room to watch it. It was a pain for everyone to have to get up and move two rooms down, but I would have been more mad if we weren't able to play it at all! Enjoy :)

I have to also give a shout out to my sister, Jennifer, who wrote the most amazing poem ever for me on my wedding day. She read it out loud as her toast at the rehearsal dinner. She sent the poem to me so that I could keep it forever. I had tears in my eyes probably about 3 sentences in.

My Poem For You - by Jennifer Cowley

It's really hard to fathom,
Just what it truly means.
My little sister - married?
We've been through it all, seems.
Born so close together,
Only 15 months apart.
So many memories we have,
I hold so dear to my heart.
From Tuscaloosa to Birmingham,
Through divorce, tears and pain.
Always there by my side,
Til I was smiling again.
Practice, practice, practice,
These three words ring true.
Another thing we shared,
Dancers through and through.
Dancing rivals in college,
We put our feelings aside.
I danced for the Tigers,
And you for the Tide.
What kind of sister would we be
Without the occasional fight?
Begging and pleading with mom and dad
About who's wrong and right.
You are my younger sister
And you've given me so much.
Boyfriends, clothes, laughter and tears,
We've shared many of these through the years.
And now despite the distance
From Tampa to Birmingham,
I can never tell you sister
How very blessed I am!
Dear Marcie, sister, soul mate, doll
She's going down the aisle,
My little sis who has it all.
Marcie, how you make me smile!

Jenn will never know how much this meant to me!


Lauren K. said...

Such a sweet, honest poem! Just teared up again.

Laura Sue said...

very sweet poem!
it wont let me see the video... says its private! i really wanna see it!!!

Justin and Marcie said...

Sorry girl! I forgot to put it to public. I changed it now so you should be able to see it :)

Laura Sue said...

Love the video! I plan on doing that too when i get married in a billion years. I love the songs you picked to go along with it!