Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moving On Up - Literally

Carter is in the middle of his 8th month of life and has learned something new!!!   Behold…


My little boy is beginning to pull up on things.  At 71/2 months old, he is now pulling up.  I just can’t believe it!!  He absolutely loves that mobile in his crib and he got to where he was using the bumpers to pull up to reach it.  Due to this, we had to lower the crib mattress to its lowest level so that even if he did pull up, he couldn’t reach the top of the crib.  He was also standing on the front of the crib and biting the side.  Now that he’s at the lowest level, he can’t reach the top.  However, I do see crib bite guards in our future.


This might be one of my favorite pictures of him right now!  He is just so innocent and sweet (most of the time at least).  And I’m REALLY hoping those little eyes stay that color blue forever!


He’s an expert at sitting up now.  These days he doesn’t fall asleep on me when I nurse him before bed anymore.  I’ll put him in the crib (laying down) and he ends up sitting up and playing for a little bit before finally going to bed.  He also sleeps in footie pajamas at night now.  Since he is able to stand up, I didn’t want him sleeping in the sleep sacks because he could trip over the material and bonk his head on the slats and then we’d all be up in the middle of the night. 

So what will he do next?  I would say crawling on all fours but he figured that out this week too.  He’s been crawling for a while, but it’s mostly been a “scooting” or “army crawl” to get across a room.  The other day, Justin was in the shower and I was holding Carter and I put him down on the bathroom floor.  Gizmo came in the bathroom too (family bathroom time apparently) and she sat in front of the shower door.  As soon as Carter saw her, he crawled on all fours to get to her.  Debbie said that he’s been doing it at her house too (my MIL that keeps him during the day). 

All that leaves is standing up and walking.  Well, Carter has been standing up with support from us since he was two months old.  Yes, I have a super baby.  I guess the next thing is for him to stand up while holding onto something, like the couch, and walking supported that way.  Or standing up with no support at all.  We’ll see what comes first!


Melissa said...

I agree! That's the cutest pic in the world! He's such a big boy!

Allison said...

He is growing up so fast! So cute!

Jenny Strickland said...

I can't believe how fast he is growing! I love that picture also! Such a cutie!