Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Weekend

I feel like it should be Friday and it’s Sunday.  That’s how busy my weekend has been…and I even had Friday off!  So on Friday, Justin ran 18 miles in the morning and then babysat the twins for a couple of hours in the afternoon while his sister (the twins mom) had a hair appointment.  When he was done, he came back home and when Carter woke up, we headed to the pool.  He loves the pool!!!  He is just so amazed at everything he sees and just looks around silently for a super long time.


On Saturday I drove to Fairhope, AL to go to the wedding of some family friends of mine.  I got to see MY twins, Lindsey and Lauren.  They are my best friends going on about 18 years now.  I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures though.  The plan was for my husband to take Carter to my mom’s house Saturday night because he had to catch a flight to Washington for work early Sunday morning and I wouldn’t have been back from Fairhope yet.  It’s a good thing he stayed with her.  Justin called me when I was at the wedding reception and he said that he had thrown up several times.  As it turns out, he’s pretty darn sick.  Not sure what he has, but he threw up constantly all night, he’s had the chills and he has a 102 degree fever right now.  I’m literally putting Lysol on everything in the house to make sure that myself and Carter don’t get sick.  The last thing we need is a house full of this funk!

On Sunday, Tiffany sent me some pictures that she took from Trevor’s 30th birthday part that was last weekend. 

Picture 141

Carter was showing off his mad crawling on all four skills

Picture 142

He’s on the move!!

Picture 149

Not easy to get a good picture of kids at the same time.  It was either pictures of Harper looking down or my son with his mouth open.  We’ll go with this one I guess.  In these pictures, Carter is almost 8 months old and Harper is almost 3 months old.

Tiff - I’m gonna need you to set your camera to where that date doesn’t show up!

And here’s the new trick we learned over the weekend:


It’s downward dog - baby style!  He seriously does this all the time.  At one point this weekend, he even had his hands on the ground instead of on the piano and took two steps in this downward dog position.  CRAZY!


Love the crap out of him.


They are never too far apart from eachother!

Oh and one more picture.  Justin kept Carter during the day a couple of days last week.  Now, Carter LOVES his Baby Einstein DVD’s as I’ve mentioned before.  We usually buckle him into the bouncy seat to watch them, but lately he’s been trying his hardest to get out of the seat.  Now that he can crawl all over the room and get into things he shouldn’t be getting into, it’s really hard to get him to watch it in the seat.  He usually prefers to just sit in the floor on a blanket.  Well, Justin attempted to put him in the bouncy seat to watch a DVD while he ate lunch in the living room.  When he was done eating, he went to go check on Carter.  This is what he saw:


God love him.  We started the baby proofing process, but it is certainly a process.   We’re kind of trying to see what he gets into first and then we get the baby proofing items for it.  We didn’t want to baby proof anything he hasn’t tried to get into.  So far we’ve only covered up the edges of the fireplace in case he falls.  If he fell on that, he may need stiches since it’s a brick fireplace, which is why it was the first thing we did.  He hasn’t attempted to get to any plugs yet, but I’m sure that’s coming. 

Please say a prayer that not only does my husband get better, but that Carter and I don’t catch whatever he has.  I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!!