Friday, August 17, 2012

The Johnny Jumper

I’ve been trying to do better with blogging lately.  I’ve definitely let her slip :)  I know that when Carter’s older, I’m going to want to remember all the little things he did when he was an infant and want to see pictures, so I really have been trying to do better about taking pictures of him, but I honestly just don’t always have time.  I think I’ve been doing a better job in the last couple of weeks though.  So, back to the point of the post….the Johnny Jumper.

I don’t think that is what this exact jumper is called, but it’s the only name I think people recognize.  We bought one of these bad boys a while ago and tried it out but Carter was NOT having it.  I never tried it again until tonight.  Justin, Carter and I went to celebrate our friend Trevor’s 30th birthday at his parents house tonight and he was starting to get fussy around 7:30 since that is his usual bedtime so we brought him home.  Side note - he was totally fine as soon as we got home and played for an hour cackling and giggling the whole time.  He didn’t finally go to bed until 8:45.  It sucks when kids act up when others are around and then they’re angel babies when no one is around.  I feel like that’s been Carter’s MO lately.  I digress.

So anyway, when we got home we put him in his PJ’s and I told Justin to hang up the jumper in the doorway because I wanted to see if Carter really hated it or if that was just a one time reaction.  We had been talking about the jumper at Trevor’s party (the girls were-not the boys) and I honestly forgot we had it so I wanted to give it another go.  Carter played in it for about 10 minutes until I took him out because at that point it was an hour past his bedtime.  But he loved it!!  He bounced up and down and played with the toys on the jumper and, as he always does, started at the Giz as she walked circles around him. 


LOVE this picture!!!  Seriously, I hope those eyes never change color!


At the party, I finally got to see Harper (Tiffany and Trevor’s baby) again.  I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever.  He’ll be 3 months old in about a week and a half.  Sweet boy was just hanging out, being passed from person to person.  I really miss when Carter was at that stage.  Don’t get me wrong, I love where Carter’s at right now.  Other than the weird fussy “funk” he’s been in the past week or so, this stage is probably one of my favorites.  He’s crawling all over the place, starting to pull up, his personality is becoming more and more evident and he laughs very frequently. It’s a pretty fun stage.  But I definitely miss where Harper is now.   The stage where you don’t really have to entertain him, just hold him and walk around with him.  The stage where they still fall asleep any and everywhere.  And I’m sure some babies Carter’s age still do these things, but Carter definitely does not.  He used to, but  not anymore.  Carter is extremely observant and loves to look at the things around him, which prevents sleeping anywhere other than in the carseat while driving or in his crib.

Say a prayer for Harper’s momma Tiff next week.  She goes back to work on Tuesday from maternity leave and is a little upset because she was originally told that she wouldn’t have to go back until the day after labor day but they changed the date on her and told her a couple of days ago.  I can’t imagine how upsetting it is to find out you only have a few more days with your baby and you had no idea.  Luckily, Harper is staying with her mom or Trevor’s mom during the time that they’re at work, so he’ll be surrounded by family!


Renee said...

Leland is like that too...he likes to sleep in his own bed and gets fussy around nap/bed times. But it is a lot of fun that he actually interacts and laughs so much. It's a fun age, but I sometimes miss him just falling asleep on my chest wherever we were.

Allison said...

I love his little footed pajamas! I miss Noah wearing them so much! Carter looks so happy in the Johnny Jumper!

HickChickBritt said...

Hayes used to love his Jumperoo, and it was a great way to keep him contained. But it seems like lately if he is in it, he also wants someone sitting in front of him to entertain him. Grrr. Such a needy child, what does he think he is a baby or something?! Geesh haha