Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Twins Are Here!!!

The twins have finally arrived!  Long story short, my sister-in-law, Jennifer, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday because her urine was showing too much protein and her blood pressure was getting too high.  They decided to keep her at the hospital until the babies were born.  Jen is only 34 weeks right now, but for twins, that’s a good time to be born.  She thought she’d have to be in the hospital for a little over two weeks because as of Thursday, babies were showing no sign of coming anytime soon.  The doctors said that they would take the babies on August 30th if they hadn’t come before then.

But then this morning, Jen’s blood pressure skyrocketed so they decided to take the babies today.  Justin had to wake up around 5:30 because he was traveling to Bend, Oregon today with his dad for work.  Justin and Gordon had both gone through security at the airport when they got the call that the babies were coming today.  They ended up leaving the airport and Gordon headed straight to the hospital while Justin came back to our house to get me.  I was still asleep at this time.  I was woken up by our house phone ringing three times in a row.  I figured something was up.  I missed it the third time but then saw my cell phone and had 4 missed calls and two voicemails, all before 7am.  So I kinda knew babies were coming and got up and immediately got ready.  I’ve never gotten ready that fast.  Ever.  This is the SECOND time I have woken up to news of babies.  Cooper started coming in the middle of the night too and I had even more missed calls/voicemails/texts then.

It’s been a long day, Justin and I got to the hospital around 8am and just got home around 5pm.  I am SO exhausted.  Babies were born at UAB and boy are they secure about their babies.  We had to take a picture and wear a badge based on what wing Jenn was in.  First she was in the pre-labor rooms, then she went to labor and delivery, then to recovery then to her final post-partum room.  That’s a lot of moving!  The annoying part was that since they kept moving Jenn, we had to get new badges before we could see her after the surgery.  There was literally 10 of us that had to go all the way back to the lobby to get a new badge before we could see Jenn or the babies.  So annoying.  But I guess I understand.  Ok now for the good stuff….the pictures :)


This is  everyone in Jenn’s room waiting on her to come back from recovery.  She had a C-Section and couldn’t leave the recovery room until she was able to move both of her legs, so we were just waiting on her arrival to greet the new momma!  This is Debbie and Gordon (the new grandparents), JoAnne and Russell (the great grandparents) and our pastor at St. Mark, Steve West.


This is me and Stacey, Jenn’s bff.


Sweet little Cynthia Ann….born first at 4lbs, 14oz, 17 3/4 inches


Auntie M holding little Cynthia.  We figured out that Cynthia only gets upset when she’s being moved.  She cried when Aeron picked her up from the table, but then was fine.  She cried when I took her from Aeron, but then she was fine, and then she cried again when the nurse took her from me to put back on the table.   I can’t wait till I feel like she’s a little less fragile!!


Daddy holding Celia Grace, 3lbs, 7oz, born second, 14 1/4 inches.  Y’all, no pictures can explain this.  Her body is TINY.  Her sweet little head is no bigger than my palm, maybe even smaller.  But little girl had her eyes wide open looking at her surroundings and everyone that was holding her.  She never cried either.  Sweet sweet little girl.


Celia sucking her thumb




Uncle Justin is holding a 4x6 picture next to Cynthia to give you an idea of how little bitty she is


That’s one happy Nana!!


Nana holding Celia and Auntie M holding Cynthia.

You may have noticed both of their names start with “C”.  I absolutely love this.  That means we’ll have three C’s when Carter comes.  I am so excited about pictures that are captioned with “Celia, Cynthia and Carter”.  LOVE IT!  Prayers for Jenn and the babies though.  Jenn will probably be in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday.  The babies have to be 5lbs before they’re able to leave, so poor Celia has a bit to go, but Cynthia’s close.  Both babies have shown interest in sucking on things so hopefully that means they’ll take food easily.  The more food they eat the quicker they put on weight and the quicker they’ll leave the NICU.


Whitney said...

Praise the Lord for two healthy baby girls! My step-mom's name is Cynthia (goes by Cindy) and her twin sister's name is Celia. Funny :)