Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday - Old School Family Pictures

I'll just let some of these speak for themselves...


Me and my sister getting ready for some trick-or-treating


When Jen and I took ballet when we were kids, she was a ballerina. I was in a different dance for that recital and I was a tiger. I thought I had that picture, but I can't find it.


I kinda look like Cindy Brady don't I?


Fast forward many years...the sisters, Jennifer, Marcie and Lindsey


Me and my aunt DeLane


For my 21st birthday, both of my sisters treated me to dinner and a Prince concert. Such a fun night.


Charlies Angels...this is after a pep rally at Hoover High where I was on the dance team, which explains the outfit ;)


The three sisters with our two step-sisters and our dad and step-mother, Martha...I was going through some hair experimenting years...back off.


The girls with Paw Paw


The sisters again...gosh this was so long ago!


Me and my cousin John. John is DeLane's son and he came to watch me dance at a UA basketball game.


This is the three of us at B&A Warehouse. My step-brother's wedding reception was there, as was mine several years later :)

Hope you enjoyed my flashback friday, I know it's been a while since I've done one. I love doing this because, God forbid, if I lose all these pictures, they're all right here for me to see in 10, 20, 30 years :)


Lauren K said...

You have the best family photos. Do you know that the white tub top of yours is currently hanging up downstairs in my storage closet????

PS - You wouldn't be Marcie if you didn't change your hair color at least once a year!!!

Justin and Marcie said...

I read that comment and was like "what the crap is a tub top???" then realized you meant tube top. I WAS SO WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SHIRT!!! It was my fave back then :)

Lauren K said...

I'm so used to auto text that I forgot to add the 'e' ha! You can have it back when you come visit!! I've had a lot of good times in the tube top, I think I had it on the second time I ran into Garrett that lovely weekend in New Orleans that we met! THAT would be a good flashback friday!!!

The Langham's said...

Sweet flashbacks. Y'all have always been such pretty girls.

elizabeth carmen said...

Ah, these are great! I especially love seeing people's photos from when they were really little. It's so crazy to imagine that we were once so young! Thanks for sharing :)

Colt and Ashley Byrom said...

LOVE the pictures! Great idea!!

Samantha said...

Y'all are so pretty. I would never comment on the hair experimenting! I always wanted to do that and never had the nerve. Isn't B&A Warehouse fabulous? My reception was at Rucker Place, but B&A catered and it was wonderful.

A Bride In Boots said...

The Cindy Brady pictures melts my heart - and you are the ONLY person I know who can rock every color of the rainbow as haircolor!